6 Ideas to Make this Thanksgiving Extra Special

Thanksgiving creative ideas 2020

2020 has been a strange year, when we’ve all had to cope with big changes and the challenges of staying close while being apart.  There’s even more reason than ever to make this Thankgiving extra special, for you and your family.

This year, you may be dealing with family being in different places, and unable to be around the same table. Or just trying to find ways to make it really meaningful as a way to reflect on this year and look forward to the next.

We’ve brought together 6 of the best ideas we could find, to help you make this Thankgiving one to remember, start new family traditions and find ways to bring smiles to your table.

  1. Set up a zoom call with everyone you can’t be with!

This is an obvious one, but so important this year. If you can’t be with the ones you love, if there are family members who can’t come to your table this year, then this is a great way to make sure you still have time together.

It’s a good idea to decide which part of your day will work best for your calls – before your thankgiving dinner or afterwards during games time?

Having activities organised for your call, as well as time to just talk, can be a fantastic way to make it memorable. There are lots of ideas below, and we have some awesome entertainment ideas for your zoom call here.

Thanksgiving Invitation

  1. Send out invitations

Build the excitement by sending out invitations to everyone, whether they are from your household or joining you on your family video call.

Hand-made invitations will make it seem even more special, and there are lots of ideas here. You could even include details of some of the activities you have planned, or just some clever hints to get everyone guessing what you’ll all be getting up to!

If you really want to make everyone smile, why not send a video singing postcard or a video of a magician making your invitation magically appear?  Just book one of our virtual entertainers to pre-record a message and you can send the video to all your friends and family.

  1. Arts & crafts for the kids to do on the day

If you can’t invite so many guests or meet up with friends this year, then this is good time to get some lovely craft projects together to keep your kids happy and entertained during the day. There are some wonderful Thankgiving craft ideas out there, including these wonderful projects from Good Housekeeping. There are also some lovely ideas craft & decoration making ideas in this blog.

  1. Beautiful decorations

Get your house ready with some beautiful home-made table and room decorations. If you want to make decorations then take a look at these.

And take a look at this video for lots of inspiration!

5. Start new family traditions

This is the perfect year to start something new for your family, traditions you can take forward into the years to come that will keep gratitude in your hearts.

You could let everyone know that you’re going to have family story time. Each person can tell their favorite, funny, happy, silly story.

Or write down reasons to be thankful on paper labels and hang them from a tree in your garden, while you make a wish for next year.

Thanksgiving, gratitude, labels

  1. Watch a Classic Movie together

To end the day, why not watch a classic movie together? Create a special movie theatre in your home and choose some lovely old movies to cuddle up in front of. You can even share this experience with your friends and family video call.

Here are some suggestions to get you started!

  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  • The Blind Side
  • Adams Family Values
  • Garfield’s Thanksgiving
  • The Vicious Kind
  • One True Thing
  • North by Northwest
  • The House of Yes
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow

We hope you’ve enjoyed all our Thankgiving ideas, and please do fill in our request form if we can find any kind of virtual entertainment for you.

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Wishing you a wonderful, healthy, happy Thanksgiving.

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