8 Ways to Give Christmas 2020 Extra Sparkle: Decorations, Music & Entertainment Ideas

Christmas ideas 20208 Ways to Give Christmas 2020 Extra Sparkle

2020 has been a year like no other and for many of us it has been all about trying to find ways to stay close to the ones we love, while being apart. That’s why we think this Christmas should be extra special, and full of even more sparkle than ever!

It’s time to make merry and show our love for all of those who’ve helped us through this year, and all those who’ve been spending so much time alone.

We’ve come up with 8 ways for you to make this Christmas special, no matter what social distancing rules you have in your area over the festive season.

AND we’ve put together a fantastic click-and-play Christmas Playlist, starting with some traditional carols and classic Christmas music to set the atmosphere and running through the decades right up to everyone’s current favourites.

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1. Start a New Family Tradition

This is the perfect year to start a wonderful new family tradition. A new start and a new year deserve a to be marked with a moment of mindful recognition of what it means to be together and what we have managed to achieve in the last year.

You could start a gratitude jar and all take time to write a note about what you are grateful for and pop it in the jar – this is a lovely one to continue all year round. You can get all the notes out next Christmas and read them together.

You could also write wishes on labels and hang them from your Christmas tree.

Or even just create a time during Christmas day for family or friend group stories, where each of you tells their favourite tale. You could even do this on your family zoom call if you can’t all be together.

2. Make some Christmas decorations together

Making your own decorations can mean anything from starting from scratch to using your bought decorations to create a beautiful centrepiece for your hallway, fireplace or Christmas table. Take a look at some of the ideas in our video to get inspired!

3. Put on our playlist at every possible opportunity!

We’ve brought together every cracking Christmas song we could find in this 3-hour long playlist. Starting with the beautifully atmospheric sounds of carols and classical music and working our way through to everything from George Michael and Mariah Carey to the Pogues and Eartha Kit.

If you want to give your Christmas some real magic, you could hire one of our vocal singing groups, opera singers and vintage singers to give you a virtual performance of some of these Christmas classics. You can hire them to perform on your Christmas zoom party call for your family & friends or, even better, why not book a live performance as a wonderful, memorable gift! You can request any kind of virtual or live entertainment just by filling out this form.

4. Book a Zoom call with those you can’t see this Christmas

Even if restrictions have eased where you live and you can see most of your family, there will no doubt still be lots of friends and distant relations you want to catch up with over the Christmas season.

Why not make your Zoom call extra special by booking a performance postcard to send out as your virtual invitation. You could book any kind of virtual entertainer, from a magician who can make your invitation magically appear to a singing Elvis to deliver your invitation – they will make a recording for you so that you can send it out to everyone on your Zoom call guest list.

For a wealth of other zoom and virtual party ideas, from themes and how to change your backgrounds and filters to games and hiring virtual Christmas acts, read our Guide.

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5. Make your house into a winter wonderland

This Christmas may not bring us all snow to create that winter wonderland, so why not create one in your own home?

There are some gorgeous ideas to help you get started in this blog as well as in the video below.

6. Learn some magic tricks for the kids

Imagine the look on your kids’ faces when you manage to make one of their gifts appear out of thin air? Or read their mind to find out which card they picked from the pack. Our magicians are now offering virtual one-off skills classes, so you can surprise your family with some amazing tricks. You can request your virtual magic skills classes here.

7. Give someone the gift of a new skill

We all have so much stuff and at times it can feel like many of our Christmas gifts go to waste, so how about giving the gift of a new skill this year?

You could book online piano, guitar or singing lessons to give someone a whole new interest, or even acting or modelling lessons. Or you could book a one-off skills class for your whole family, so you can learn how to draw caricatures, make balloon models, facepaint or belly dance. Whatever you can think of, just ask us to find it for you here.

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8. Do the worldwide Santa Christmas Jingle!

A facebook page has been set up, which already has 211,000 members – this is what it says:

”On Christmas Eve at 6pm in your own time zone wherever you are in the world we are asking everyone to come outside and ring your bells for 2 mins to spread Christmas cheer and help Santa fly his sleigh 🤶🎅

After a tough year it would be an amazing memory for the kids in and around our communities.

No matter what covid brings, this event can still happen! It can not be taken away from us or cancelled, it gives us something to look forward to something to enjoy. For a short moment we will be smiling, kids will be laughing with not a care in the world. For two mins nobody will feel alone, the kids will be happy in the knowledge they have just given Santa Rocket Fuel … 🎅🏼🤶🏼⛄️ ”

Get your jingle on, we’ll be on our doorsteps at 6pm, hope you will too!

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Wishing you the Merriest, Brightest, Happiest Christmas yet.

The Entertainers Worldwide Team

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