Baby Shower Entertainment Ideas


The United States of America are very good at starting trends and you may have noticed that the rest of the World pick up on certain traditions and make them their own too.  Halloween is one of the American traditions which has found its way across the pond and another relatively new occasion which is becoming popular is the baby shower.  Baby Showers are generally organised by friends and family of a pregnant woman, and traditionally involve the “showering” of gifts for the baby who is due, along with plenty of cake! These celebrations can be as intimate or elaborate as you would like, however the new trend is putting on special entertainment to turn the bash into something more memorable.

Many guests of a Baby Shower will have their own children who are usually invited, so when you are thinking about the different types of entertainment to provide, it might be useful to consider putting some on for the younger guests to keep them happy.  Some good examples of Baby Shower entertainment for children include:

Face Painters

Hiring a Face Painter for a baby shower is the perfect way to entertain children without it becoming the sole focus of your entertainment.  This type of entertainment wouldn’t work for guests with babies or very young toddlers, however for children of the age of two upwards, you can really inspire them by turning them into their favourite television character, or even paint something as simple as flowers and butterflies (or spiders and creepy crawlies for boys!).  Face Painters are generally very reasonable in price and will paint children’s’ faces one-by-one.  If you would like to consider booking a Face Painter for the Baby Shower that you are planning, click here to take a look at all of our available options.

Children’s / Kids Magicians

Another popular entertainment choice for children of approximately the age of two upwards is the Children’s / Kids Magician.  You can hire a specialised magician who is experienced in performing and enchanting younger minds – and of course get them involved in the magic too.  A benefit to hiring this type of entertainment is that it can cater for children and teenagers of all ages and can happily take place in part of your venue without it encroaching on the rest of your celebrations.  Performing tricks and illusions using a variety of small objects, a Children’s / Kid’s magician will keep younger guests entertained for a good couple of hours.  Browse our entertainment directory to find a specialised Children’s / Kids Magician.


Although there are a number of other entertainment options which are dedicated to children and younger guests, our third suggestion for Baby Shower entertainment for kids is the humble clown.  Clowns are usually one of the first entertainment choices for children, no matter the occasion and they can add a fun element to any celebration.  Clowns act mischievous and will make children laugh and an advantage of this type of entertainment is that they can entertain children from a very young age.  They do not really cater for teenagers or older children as they find them a little childish, however if you have guests with Primary School aged children or younger, you can be sure that choosing a Clown is a solid option.  Check out all of the available Clowns listed with our website before booking with ease!

When it comes to the grown-ups, although there will likely be baby themed party games, such as “Guess the Weight and Date”, or seeing who can drink the fastest out of a baby bottle, it can be a nice idea to add that little extra and make your Baby Shower the most talked about event in your neighbourhood Keep reading to see our top suggestions for other Baby Shower entertainment that will cater for all ages…

String Quartets

Music is always a good option for a Baby Shower, however you are going to want to book something a little more subtle than a metal band!  String Quartets are a lovely option which can provide your celebration with elegance as they perform together in unison.  A String Quartet uses string instruments to offer that unique and beautiful sound and includes two violinists, a cellist and a viola player.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you hire a String Quartet you are limited to classical music – most modern groups can also perform popular chart hits instrumentally.  Want to book a String Quartet for your Baby Shower?  Browse our listings to find the perfect one for you!


If you are looking for a slightly cheaper alternative to subtle instrumental music, we have plenty of musicians available to book in a wide variety of instrument choices.  From Violinists and Harpists to something a little more soulful such as a Saxophonist, there is plenty to choose from with musicians all around the World available to book from our entertainment directory.  Most instrumentalists are also versatile moving between classical and modern chart hits and with so many on offer, you are bound to secure one for your date.  Click here to find an instrumentalist using our website.


If you are looking for something a little different when it comes to Baby Shower entertainment, and want to give the lucky mum to be something to remember this occasion by, why not look at booking a Caricaturist to sketch guests and let them keep a lasting memory?  Caricaturists might seem like a strange entertainment choice for a Baby Shower, but they will capture the special day and sketch guests within a matter of minutes.  Find a Caricaturist near you using our entertainment directory today!

As you can see, you don’t need to stick to the traditional when planning a Baby Shower and adding in entertainment such as our suggestions above can really make the whole event magical!  If you are still undecided on the right type of entertainment to book for your upcoming Baby Shower, why not take a browse through all of our available entertainment categories on our website, – once you have settled on the perfect entertainment, you can narrow down your search to find the perfect entertainer or act too!  So what’s the catch we hear you cry?  Absolutely nothing!  There are no hidden fees or commission taken on top of your booking – we offer our entertainment directory services to people looking for entertainment ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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