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Using our website, we make it really easy for you to find entertainment for any event.  From birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and cocktail parties, we have the perfect match for you!  Did you know that you can make things even easier with a feature of our website?  That’s right! We have our very own “Entertainers Jobs, Gigs and Auditions” page which is useful for both bookers / potential clients and entertainers!

If you are looking for a particular act type and simply don’t have the time to browse through all of our available entertainers, all you need to do is visit our Entertainers, Jobs and Gigs page and click on the “Add an Audition/Gig” button.  Once you have done this you will be presented with a page filled with information and a form at the bottom of the page.  You might be worried that this service costs a fortune, however you will be pleased to know that it is 100% free to post a job or audition!  There are no zero fees and we do not charge the entertainers any commission either!

Once you have read through all of the important details, all you need to do is fill in the form and click continue. This will post your audition or gig onto our website once it has been approved and then all you need to do is wait for our entertainers to contact you!  Let’s take a look at what information we need to make sure you are organised and ready to go…

Audition / Gig Title

This entry is very self-explanatory – all you need to do is add a title for your job or audition.  Try to make it catchy and short – but make sure all of the important details are included, such as the act type required.  If you are looking for a Close-Up Magician, mention it in the title, so that entertainers know what you are looking for.

Short Description

Here you can go into a little more detail (5 to 10 words) describing what the job or audition is about.  Keep it informative and short as you can add more detail into the full description as shown below.

Full Description

In this section we recommend giving as much detail about the job, gig or audition as you can, but always make sure that you do not include your contact details in any form.  Any posts with contact details visible will be deleted.  This section is purely for informative use.

Applicants Can Apply From

If you want to narrow down which country or even region/state that applicants can apply from, please choose from the selection in the drop down menu. Multiple destinations can be added, however if you are on a low budget and based in the United Kingdom, there is no point in advertising for entertainers in the USA.

Audition / Gig Location

This field is very important as many entertainers will only travel a certain distance for gigs.  Again, all you need to do is choose a country and if you want things even more detailed, a region or state.

Target Applicants

If you are looking for a comedian, there is no point in advertising your job to singers!  This section allows you to choose a main category and sub-category to really narrow down your target audience.

Start Date and End Date

We always recommend choosing a start and end date for your audition or job, so that you have a limit on when applicants can apply by.

Fee Offered

There is no need to mention how much you will be offering for your job; however, we do find that entertainers are more likely to respond if they know what they are going to expect.  For example, choose between Fixed Fee, Only Travel Expenses Paid, No Fixed Fee or Other.  Sometimes for charity gigs, entertainers will work for their travel expenses for exposure.

Audition Gig/Photo

If you have a photo to upload, you are more than welcome to choose one of your own, or if you do not have anything suitable, you can choose from one of our Audition/Gig Icons.

Once you’ve ticked the confirmation tick box, you’ll be ready to continue and once approved, your audition or gig will be live on our website!  Not only do we make things easy to use our entertainment directory, but now entertainers will come to you instead!  Why not go ahead and add your first job / gig or audition right now over on our website, ?

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