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If you are planning an event; no matter how big or small, you’ll want to put on entertainment to keep your guests amused and make it a night to remember.  Singers are perfect for corporate event entertainment, cocktail reception entertainment and even Bar Mitzvah’s!  Hiring a singer (or more than one!) is an affordable way to delight guests and since there are so many options to choose from we thought we would create this guide filled with tips and useful advice to help make your choices easier.

A Cappella

A Cappella Singers are ones who perform with no instrumentation behind their vocals and produce a very atmospheric sound.  Many will provide performances from all eras including newer songs by bands like Coldplay or solo artists such as Adele.  A cappella music always sounds classy and will provide perfect entertainment for weddings or high end corporate events.

Carol Singers

Perfect for Christmas, Carol Singers can be hired to perform for your Christmas event, or perhaps even a December wedding.  Some will perform a cappella style, while others prefer to sing along with instrumental backing tracks.  Booking carol singers for Christmas party entertainment will give guests a memorable occasion, and provide them with plenty of festive spirit!

Comedy Singers

For something a little more unusual, why not book a Comedy Singer for your upcoming event?  A comedy singer (or group) will provide plenty of laughs while putting on a performance.  With a variety of singers to choose from, some will provide impersonations of famous artists such as Elvis, while others will perform original comedy style songs, such as the famous and talented Tim Minchin.   Hire a comedy singer for your product launch entertainment or corporate event for something different!

Female Singers or Male Vocalists

Hiring a female singer or male vocalist is one of the most popular styles of singer that are hired due to there being such a wide variety in musical styles.  From male vocalists singing swing style songs to female singers who specialise in motown and soul, there really is no limit to what’s on offer. Simply choose the style of music you’d like to be performed and work your way through the singers on offer.  Many singers will provide a listing of songs that they like to perform, with plenty of sample tracks and videos available to hear their style.

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Emily Reed – Female Singer

Guitar Singers

If you’d like to hear some acoustic guitar music at your event, booking a guitar singer is the perfect solution. Again offering many different styles of song, guitar singers will perform a variety of music from classical through to 80’s style pop and more modern classics.  This style of performance can provide a mellow background and add ambiance to any event, such as a dinner party. Your guests might even start to sing along!

phil short

Phil Short Acoustic – Guitar Singer

Opera Singers

For a more dramatic performance, Opera Singers put on a very classic show and is perfect to add sophistication to your event.  Opera singers can perform solo or as a group and some will prefer singing to background music, such as a live band. Your guests will be captivated and enjoy an unforgettable evening that they will be talking about for a long time!

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Tania de Jong – Opera Singer

Pianists That Sing

Another breathtaking style of singer that can be booked for your upcoming event is the Pianist that can also sing.  Perfect for an atmosphere where guests can continue to mingle, pianists provide a beautiful tone of music along with vocals and will perform a number of classical, well known tracks, or even their own material.  Most pianists have a diverse musical collection and will provide a list of the songs that they love to perform.

How do I Choose the Type of Singer I Want?

Deciding which type of singer you want to book is more of a personal choice, however you also need to think about the style of event that you are hosting and which would suit.  If you are putting on a classy corporate event, an opera singer or pianist may suit the atmosphere.  If opera does not fit the event however then of course a male or female singer could be a more suitable choice and may also be more suitable for birthday parties and other events due to the variety of songs they can sing for you.

To help you make your decision, at Entertainers Worldwide we provide biographies, testimonials and many of the acts listed with us provide audio and video samples.  These are particularly useful if you are unsure on the style of music you’d like to provide at your event.  If you still can’t make your mind up, why not get in touch with your act shortlist and see if you can speak with them to find a bit more about what they can offer.

How long will a Singer Perform For?

Most singers will put on a performance that will last an hour or more.  If you want a longer background performance, enquire when you contact your chosen singer to see if they will accommodate your request. Remember that they will need breaks and that most professional singers will be able to cater for a couple of hours performance.

How much does it Cost to Hire a Singer?

The costs to hire a singer vary depending on the type of singer and their location.  Certain times of the year may cost slightly more too, for example Christmas as that is when they are likely to be most in demand.  Generally, you’ll expect to pay more for A cappella groups or Opera Singers.

How do I Book a Singer for my Event?

Booking a singer is really easy when you use our dedicated booking site, Entertainers Worldwide!  Simply make your selection from looking at our user profiles at www.EntertainersWorldwide.com and listening to their samples and once you’ve chosen which singer you’d like to book, fill in the contact form and you will be put in direct contact with them.  We don’t charge any booking fees so you won’t get any nasty surprises!



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