Hiring a Speciality Act – Tips, Advice & How To Book

Grace Ramsey Aerialist Acrobat

Grace Ramsey Aerialist Acrobat

Sometimes when planning an event, you want something unique and completely different to keep your guests entertained, but with so many options available for entertainment, it can be difficult to choose between all of the different acts that are available. This guide pinpoints some of the more popular speciality acts, along with giving you general tips and information on how to book your chosen entertainer.

Acrobalance and Adagio

If you are looking for a dramatic performance for your upcoming corporate event entertainment or product launch, why not book an acrobalance or adagio act? Acrobalance is a specialist performance including acrobatic lifts, somersaults and hand balancing. Usually performed to background music, this creative art is very expressive and certainly makes an impact!

Aerialists and Acrobats

For another style of physical performance, aerialists and acrobats can be hired to put on a show for your event. Available to book as solo performers or as an acrobatic group, this form of entertainment will leave your guests breathless from watching such a spectacular show.





A very unusual form of entertainment is the form of contortion, also known as contortionism. Performers showcase their extreme flexibility by squeezing themselves into the most miniscule of spaces and performing a choreographed set of poses. Your guests will be amazed at the flexibility and performance from a contortionist, offering plenty to talk about long after your event has finished.

Liu Xin Contortionist

Liu Xin Contortionist

Fire Performers

Fire performers put on a spectacular, visual show which usually combines juggling with fire, fire spinning and fire eating. This form of entertainment will definitely give that added WOW factor to your event, giving your guests an exciting evening filled with high-paced entertainment. Fire performers are perfect for corporate events but don’t rule them out for your wedding evening reception! They are more popular than you might think!

Hula Hoop Performers

Although hiring a hula hoop performer may seem a little less exciting than our previous suggestions, you will be astounded at some of the performances they offer. Combining flexibility and rhythm, a hula hoop performer will keep guests captivated as they perform their routines; usually to music.



Bryson Lang Juggler

Bryson Lang Juggler


Jugglers are probably one of the most popular speciality acts available to hire and this is down to their sheer flexibility to suit a wide variety of events. From product launch entertainment, wedding reception entertainment and birthday parties, jugglers will perform with balls, batons, plates and sometimes fire. Jugglers will entertain guests and sometimes get them involved too!

Stilt Walkers

If you are looking for something unusual to entertain your guests, why not book stilt walkers who will mingle with guests while in costume and even pose for photo opportunities. This form of entertainment is perfect for a carnival themed wedding, corporate events or birthday parties.

Sword Swallowers

For a more bizarre and breathtaking performance, hire a sword swallower! Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off your performer as they pass swords down their throat. This form of entertainment is not for the feint-hearted but is certainly thrilling!

There are many more speciality acts available to hire on our website including marionettist acts, sideshows and thrill shows, football freestyle acts and trampoline acts so you can be sure to find something special for your upcoming event!




What do I need to Consider When Booking a Speciality Act

Each speciality act has their own requirements but many of them will need adequate performance space. Does your chosen venue have the necessary space for your performer? Some venues will also have restrictions on acts like fire performers, so always check with your venue to ensure the type of entertainment you want will be permitted.

Also consider your audience; a group of old age pensioners is not likely to enjoy sword swallowing or anything too fast-paced.

How Much Will a Speciality Act Cost?

Due to the sheer variety in speciality acts available, it is very difficult to give an estimate on costs. Contact your chosen act directly for free, to request a tailored quote for your event.

How Do I Book?

Using our website www.EntertainersWorldwide.com makes choosing and booking your entertainment easy! Browse through our speciality acts to view biographies, read testimonials and to watch video samples of performances when available. Once you’ve found the acts you would like to enquire about, simply use the contact/request quote button on your chosen acts page to get in touch directly with them. We do not charge booking fees and we aren’t an agency so your enquiry will be sent directly to the performer!



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