Hiring a Tribute Act – Tips, Advice & How to Book

If you are in the middle of planning an event and would like to put on live music as entertainment for your guests, you may not have thought about the possibilities of hiring a tribute act. A tribute act will put on a spectacular live performance and keep your guests entertained.

What is a Tribute Act?

Tribute acts put a lot of effort into not only sounding like the real artist but they also aim to look as close to and dress like their idols too. They attempt to imitate the real artists as accurately as they can from hair, clothing and of course their performance. If you have always loved the idea of hiring Michael Bublé for your celebration but you have never had the budget to do so; hire a Michael Bublé tribute singer for the next best thing at a much more affordable price!

What Events are Suitable for a Tribute Act?

A tribute act is fairly versatile when it comes to musical entertainment and is suitable for a wide variety of occasions. If you are looking for wedding party entertainment, birthday party entertainment or even that special something for your next corporate event, hiring a tribute act will give a unique performance and one that will provide plenty of fun and memories.

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Emily Reed – Mariah Carey Tribute Act

What Artists can Tribute Acts Perform?

Most good tribute acts style themselves and concentrate on one musical artist, with a few being able to imitate more than one singer. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of Tribute acts around, but popular tributes include that of:

Here at EntertainersWorldwide.com, new acts are signing up on a daily basis so it’s worth checking regularly to see if there is a tribute act of your favourite artist listed!




Which Tribute Act Should I Book?

The most important thing to consider when choosing the style of tribute act is your audience. If you are hosting a party with younger guests, they will likely prefer performances from more modern artists such as pop princess, Britney Spears or cheeky Robbie Williams. If you are planning a party for older couples, a Frank Sinatra tribute act might be just the entertainment you are looking for. For more personal events, like planning your wedding, choose an act that you love since your wedding day is all about you and is one of the most important days of your life!

What Should I Ask A Tribute Act Before Booking?

There are many questions you might want to ask before you go ahead and book your tribute act. Firstly, are they available on the date of your event? How much do they charge? How long is their performance? These are the first and foremost questions but there are so many other things you could ask them too! Don’t be afraid to ask what experience they have and to even request a telephone/Skype/Facetime or face-to-face meeting with them. It is really important that you feel at ease, since they will be providing the entertainment for your party or event.

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How Do I Book a Great Tribute Act?

The best place to start when booking a tribute act is to come up with a shortlist of artists that are potentials. You can easily search through all of the profiles on our website to find various tribute acts. From these profiles you can read all about an act, view photos and read testimonials from previous bookings. A fantastic tribute act will happily shout about their performances and provide audio and fantastic video samples on our website to showcase their skills.

Once you’ve settled on the act you wish to book, it’s really easy to get in touch with them directly. Simply use the “Contact Direct / Request Quote” button on their page and you’ll get a direct line to your entertainer, cutting out the middle man. We pride ourselves in being one of the only websites that don’t charge a booking fee, or that act as an agent between you and our entertainers!



Sit back, relax and have your Entertainment contact you!  By adding a post to our website e.g. ‘Magician & Live Band Required for Corporate Event on January 10th’, our available acts will contact you by email.  Look at the Entertainer’s publicity, decide which is your favourite and contact them directly!  As we are an Entertainment ‘directory’ and not an ‘Agency’, the entire service is completely free.

Tell us what entertainment you are looking for now and we will do the rest!  Contact us.

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