How Much Should You Expect To Pay for a Wedding Magician?

How Much Does A Wedding Magician Cost?
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As you must have read recently hiring a Magician for your Wedding is a fantastic addition to your wedding entertainment…but how much will a Magician cost?  In general, for a Professional ‘Close-up Magician you should expect to pay anything from £200 – £500 to perform Close-up Magic from table-to-table at your wedding breakfast / evening reception or to stroll around performing impossible miracles to your groups at your drinks reception.

What’s the difference between a £200 & a £300/£400/£500+ Magician?

The term ‘you get what you pay for’ is often valid when choosing most things in life and can also be the case here if a Magician has years of experience, highly professional and ‘in demand’.  In many occasions however, you may find that a £200 Magician will be equally as talented, entertaining and amazing as a £500+ Magician!  So why such a difference in cost?  The most obvious reason of course is firstly dependant on the location.  For example f your wedding is being held e.g. in the South West and you ask for a quote from a Magician who is based in the South West…you are often likely to receive a cheaper quote than from those based in London or in the Midlands due to the extra travel costs involved.

Is the cost relative to the ability & experience of the Magician?

After considering what we have mentioned above, the last item to consider is whether paying that little bit extra will get you a better Magician.  After all as a Bride & Groom it is pretty high up on the list to make sure the day is one to remember…and QUALITY entertainment is a definite part of it.  Therefore if you have a variety of quotes from a selection of Magicians ranging from high and low, looking at their testimonials, previous clients list, previous experience and the quality of their magic and ‘entertainment factor’ from watching their video show reels, is a definite way to assess whether the more expensive act is worth the money!

Should I be put off if the Magician is quoting MUCH cheaper than the rest?!

Often when we receive a very cheap quote, the question can be “If they are that cheap…are they any good?!”.  This is again a case of assessing the video footage and experience of the Magician.  If they appear to be very professional and have good experience, get in contact with them and discuss your event to get more of an impression. Some Magicians may offer a lower quote as they appreciate you could have also asked for many other quotes and they want to get the gig!  If however the price is low and their publicity reflects the low amount, then it may be a case that you will ‘get what you pay for!’.

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