Your Gigs Strategy: How to Get Bookings for Your Act in 2020-21

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Things are changing by the day for the Entertainment industry and it can be hard to keep up with what you are able to do in terms of work and gigs. We see what types of jobs and gigs are out there everyday, and we’re starting to see some really positive signs in terms of the number and types of gigs that are rolling in.

So what types of entertainment work can you expect to get at this time? What can you do to maximise your chances of getting the jobs and gigs that are around right now and what do you need to consider when working ?

What’s available now?

We’ve been watching closely over the last few weeks to see what types of jobs are starting to appear, now that many of us are out of lockdown.

The majority of bookings we’re seeing at the moment are private bookings for Weddings and Birthdays. These are for all sorts of entertainers, from singers and bands, to dancers, children’s entertainers, drag acts and tribute acts. These entertainment bookings are for anytime between next week and 2021!

As well as these, we’re starting to see an increase in demand for virtual entertainment, anything from short recorded performances to full live performance and skills classes.

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What can I do to get more gigs now?

Here are the 3 key steps you should be taking to make sure that you maximise your chances of getting more bookings over the coming months:

1. Sign up as a Virtual Entertainer

Sign up today and make sure you consider exactly what type of online performance or class you can offer. You can read our full Guide to being a Virtual Entertainer and watch the explainer video to get you started.

If you have already signed up and you would like us to promote your virtual service, you can send us a video sample of a virtual performance and if it is a good quality clip we will promote it across our social media.

Clips can be sent as MP4 files to

2. Get the Best Promotional Materials Possible

At a time when there are fewer gigs available, it is absolutely essential that you have fantastic photos and videos and a well-written description and bio. You need to look professional, and poor quality photos and videos will undermine your talent when it comes to attracting bookers.

Your photos need to be crystal clear and work well as a selling tool on the search results pages. Your video also needs to have good, clear footage – no shaky cameras or poor sound – and should ideally be a selection of clips showing a variety or songs or performance types.

You also need to make sure you’re promoting yourself in as many places as possible – in our directory, with your own website, on social media and through networking.

No video or website, or need help with your photos? No problem – we have an exclusive service for our members, where you can get photo editing and retouching for £25, video editing for £45 and a beautiful, mobile-friendly, easy-to-edit website designed specifically for your act from just £149.

3. Promote Yourself as a Wedding & Party Entertainer

Firstly, if your act is likely to appeal to the wedding market, make sure you add yourself to the wedding category for your act type in our directory. So, for example, if you’re a singer, make sure you also list as a Wedding Singer. Watch this video to see how to add your act to different categories in our directory.

You can also read our really useful and comprehensive Guide to Getting Wedding Bookings .

What should I keep in mind when I get booking enquiries?

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind during this time of social distancing.

When you first receive an enquiry, if the booking is for anytime this year, you should make sure you reassure your client about social distancing measures. Make sure you have thought through how your act will work in a socially distanced situation.

You should show your clients that you have really thought this through, by letting them know, for example,  when you think you will need to wear a mask and how much space you think you will need for your performance.

For any auditions, you should also make sure you check the social distancing arrangements in advance, so that you know where to go, how to keep a safe distance and what to bring.

And one last piece of advice – keep going! Keep trying, keep working at it, keep updating your materials. Those bookings are out there, you need to go and get them!

If you’ve found this article useful, then keep checking your emails – we will be launching a whole new series of articles, exclusively for our members,  on how to market yourself successfully as an entertainer!

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