How to Get Your Entertainment Career off to a Flying Start in 2021

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It’s time to Kick-Start your Entertainment Career…

Well, 2020 is finally gone (…don’t let the door hit you on the way out…) and 2021 is here! We may not be out of the woods yet, some of us are still in lockdown, but things are certainly set to get better for all of us in the near future, so it’s time to brush ourselves off, find that energy and launch into the new year with a smile.

We have seen plenty of jobs, gigs and auditions coming in for 2021 already and things are improving by the day, as confidence grows in the ability to book parties, weddings and events. So what can you do to get your career back on track this year?

Here are 6 simple, but very effective ways you can start to breathe life back into your career, feel motivated and get more bookings in 2021.

entertainment, career, goals

What are your goals for 2021?

Setting aside everything that has happened over the past year, what do you want out of this year? What do you most want to be able to say you’ve achieved when you look back in January 2022?

Writing your list down and making it a concrete list of goals can be a great way to get motivated, so get thinking & scribbling.

Not too sure where to start? Try this brilliant, potential-unlocking, career-development activity for entertainers, recommended to us by a Life Coach, to help you visualise your future and create a plan to get there.

Virtual Bookings for Entertainers

Go Virtual

One good thing to come out of 2020 has been the huge growth in Virtual Entertainment bookings. If you haven’t jumped on this particular band-wagon yet, then you’re missing out. We see new virtual entertainment booking requests every day. The best thing about Virtual Entertainment Bookings is that you can perform for anyone, anywhere in the world, no matter how far away, or how strict the social distancing restrictions. Even better, there’s no travel time or cost!

Our members can list themselves as a virtual entertainer as part of their standard membership, so if you’re in our directory, make sure you watch this video to find out how to get Virtual Entertainment Bookings. You can also listen to the podcast or read our guide to getting virtual bookings for entertainers to get you started.


For the first half of 2021, we may find that there are still less immediate bookings. Virtual Entertainment is just one way to diversify and offer more services to keep the income coming in while we’re all waiting for the number of live gigs to get back to normal.

Another option is to offer online, or in person, lessons or one-off skills classes. Whether you’re a singer, dancer, musician, magician, actor of circus performer – you have amazing skills that you could pass on to others.

If you take some time to think through what you can offer, this can be a really good alternate string to your bow and a way to make bread and butter money between gigs.

We are now booking lessons through our directory, as part of any of our membership tariffs. Just watch this video to find out how to add yourself to the lessons booking category.

Sign-up for Free

If you haven’t done this already, then make sure you do it now! You can register with us for Free and we will email you as soon as new jobs, gigs & auditions come in for your act type, in your area – or abroad and on Cruise ships.

Even better, when you sign-up you get immediate access to our Get More Gigs  Guide – the comprehensive guide to marketing for Entertainers. The guide is full of everything you need to know to promote yourself successfully this year, through social media, as a virtual entertainer and online. It also had invaluable guides to talent agents, cruise jobs and much more.

Wedding Bookings for Entertainers

Get in on the Wedding Market

We’ve said this before in our previous blogs, but it’s always worth repeating – the wedding market is likely to be one of the fastest areas to bounce back next year. Many couples will have postponed or cancelled their weddings last year and will be waiting for slightly more certain times this year to hold their wedding. That means that they will be starting to plan their big day, and book their entertainment, either now or very soon.

You can find some great advice on getting wedding bookings and being a successful wedding band, musician, singer, magician or performer here.

Polish up Your Promo Materials

Whether you’re looking to get a Cruise audition or get wedding or corporate bookings, your promo materials are your shop window. What do they say about your act and are they working hard enough to sell your talent? If not then it’s time to get them up to scratch and ready to attract bookings. You can read our detailed blogs & advice on getting great promo photos and how to get a fantastic promo video here. We also have great offers on photo and video editing, as well as website design and build for our members.

That’s all our best advice for the start of this fantastic new year – we hope it fills you with ideas to get you moving, motivated and ready to start a successful 2021. And please do contact us anytime if we can help you get more gigs.

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