How to Turn your Talent into Success – Part 1

dreams international drag queens


What makes a talented entertainer really successful? We all know that you can have all the star quality in the world, but still struggle to get gigs, and if you don’t get bookings then all that amazing talent just goes to waste. That’s why we’ve decided to start this series looking in detail at what makes a fantastic act turn into a top-booking act.

At Entertainers Worldwide we are lucky enough to have thousands of amazing entertainers and some of these have been extremely successful, with hundreds of profile views from bookers every month and more than enough bookings to keep them happily busy. We want to find out what these entertainers do to really grab bookers’ attention, and what better place to start than with the fabulous, hilarious and divinely glamorous Dreams International Drag Queens – aka Kay Wye and Ida Slapter.

This wonderful duo have had no less than 1783 profile views since they signed up, and are in our top ten rankings for bookings this year. So we decided to find out what gives them that sprinkle of magic dust that makes everyone want to book them and this is what they told us…

Where are you from and what areas do you work in?

We’re from sunny Doncaster but work all over the UK and anywhere in Europe

How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

Eight wonderful years.

What’s so special and unique about your act?

We’re not just a Drag Queen Act, we have live vocals and an incredible thirty-two costume changes in the show. It’s non-stop entertainment and we love getting the audience involved.

Why do you think you get so many bookings?

We’re a different type of act – we make people laugh, smile and sing and they go away feeling like they’ve had a really fun experience. We also have loads of good photos on our profile, an entertaining video and 19 five-star reviews, so bookers know they are going to get a great act.

What was your best booking?

Definitely the Gala Bingo Ladies Night – we had a crowd of 700 people! That was a real buzz, it was amazing.

What was your funniest moment?

Falling off stage in 8ft heels with a glitter leotard and feathers… it was quite a sight.

What three main tips would you give other entertainers to help them to get more bookings?

  1. USE THE ENTERTAINERS WORLDWIDE SITE WELL. It’s very easy to navigate around, it’s detailed and allows you to add loads of information, so make good use of it. Also, check it everyday for new gigs.
  1. UPLOAD AS MANY REVIEWS AS YOU CAN. Don’t be shy, always ask for feedback – it’s really easy to post it on your profile
  1. ADD NEW PICTURES AND VIDEOS REGULARLY. Keep your profile fresh and make sure you have photos of your latest gigs. A good video is also the best way to get bookers interested.

We think that’s fantastic advice from the Dreams International Drag Queen Duo and we hope you find it helps you make your act as successful as they are. Click on these links if you want to find out more about how to write a brilliant profile, collect reviews or create your own attention-grabbing video.

Good luck and happy bookings!

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