Impress the Boss with these top 10 Unusual Corporate Entertainment Ideas

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If you have been given the task of planning the next corporate event for your employer, chances are you are in a bit of a fluster, especially if this is the first event you have been put in charge of.  Not only do you need to source the venue, arrange catering and waiters, but also find entertainment that is going to wow your guests and give them a long lasting impression.  Here at we thought we would give you a little help and showcase the top 10 unusual corporate entertainment ideas that are guaranteed to get you noticed by the boss!

Need unusual entertainment? You’ve found it!

1. Stilt Walkers

If you are looking to promote your corporate event and enjoy some perfect entertainment too, why not book stilt walkers to walk around your event handing out promotional material?  Stilt walkers usually have a variety of outfits to choose from so you can make a visual impact and since they are a lot taller than your guests, they are very good at standing out!  A good benefit of hiring stilt walkers is that they provide silent entertainment so they won’t interfere with any of your other celebrations.  Click here to find a stilt walking company near you!

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2. Contortionists

For large corporate events with plenty of entertainment on offer, it is sometimes a good idea to put on entertainment that no one is expecting.  Booking a contortionist will give your guests something to talk about as they twist their bodies in unusual and nearly impossible positions.  A great idea with contortionists is to have them elevated from the rest of the event, so they can be seen by everyone.

3. Human Statues

A slightly different take on contortionists and stilt walkers is the human statue.  You will find many human statues throughout the city of London and dressed in imaginative costumes these characters are fantastic at entertaining guests.  Human statues tend to stay still, until unsuspecting guests are nearby and then they startle them! Or alternatively they only move when they aren’t being looked at…  Again, this form of entertainment is great for promoting your company.  Click here to find a human statue for your event!

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4. Belly Dancers

For excitement and both visual and audio entertainment, look no further than hiring a belly dancer!  Gorgeous girls use their stomach muscles to their advantage as they dance around guests and even get them involved too!  Belly dancers usually perform to Turkish or Egyptian music and wear very colourful and flamboyant outfits.  With such a powerful and charismatic performance, your guests will enjoy an evening of entertainment and fun!  Click here to view all of the belly dancers listed with us on our website!

5. Comedy Waiters

This form of entertainment is unusual and if only you and your boss are in the know, can make for a very interesting evening indeed!  Comedy waiters work best with sit-down dinner events and replace some of the “real” waiters in serving food and drink.  While they are working as a normal waiter, they will increasingly cause chaos as they spill food and drink, drop cutlery and plates and mingle with your guests.  Until everyone works out they have been set up, they will just assume that they have been invited to a very disorganised event, but once people start to get suspicious, they will work out that it has been a set up and find the whole event very amusing indeed!  Book comedy waiters near you now!

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6. Stage Illusionists

In the process of planning a corporate event but want to add some sort of stage show to give your guests quite a performance?  Why not book a stage illusionist who will amaze and perform stunts in a charismatic manner?  With simple tricks using sleight of hand to more advanced and death-defying stunts, an illusionist will keep all of your guests on the edge of their seat and give them something to talk about for a very long time!  Most illusionists work with assistants and sometimes even get members of the audience up on stage to participate!

7. Tarot Card Readers

For an unusual form of entertainment that will divide your guests, why not look at hiring a tarot card reader?  Tarot card readers use their skills of psychic powers combined with reading tarot cards to give future predictions to guests.  This type of entertainment is a little unorthodox and can create quite a stir.  Tarot card readers generally work from a central location on a table as they need space to lay their cards.  This is another good entertainment idea if you want to keep noise to a minimum.

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8. Sword Swallowers

If you want to give your guests a bit of a thrill, book sword swallowers who use their well perfected skills to swallow swords and make your guests gasp as they watch this dangerous act unfold!  Sword swallowers will perform for your guests for a set amount of time and give them plenty to talk about after the performance has finished.  Not for the feint-hearted!  Click here to book a sword swallower near you today!

9. Ventriloquists

Another way to get comedy and fun into your event is to hire a ventriloquist.  These amazing performers use puppetry and appear to make them talk while keeping their mouths completely still.  Ventriloquism is coming back in a big way with popular performers such as Jeff Dunham so why not give your corporate guests a giggle and book a ventriloquist near you today!

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10. Bollywood Dancers

Bollywood is extremely popular at the moment and we have a number of Bollywood dance acts that are available to hire for your upcoming corporate event!  Bollywood dancers offer a beautiful performance in bright and colourful outfits as they dance to Bollywood music and really show off their moves.  If you are looking for an energetic and infectious performance, choosing Bollywood dancers is a fantastic way to achieve this sort of atmosphere!  Click here to view our Bollywood dancers over on our website!

We hope we have given you plenty of inspiration for your upcoming corporate event and with these ideas, you should keep your boss happy!  Good luck in planning your event and remember if you want to stick with the “norm” and book other acts, check out our website to view our complete directory of entertainers!

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