Nine Beautiful Wedding Themes & Entertainment That Brings Them to Life

Best Wedding Themes Ideas

Wedding themes are a wonderful way to make sure everything fits together beautifully.

From décor to music, games and entertainment to table settings and signs, a creative wedding theme will make all the elements of your wedding come together to create the perfect day.

To give you a bit of wedding theme inspiration, we’ve created a list of lovely, creative wedding themes and for each one we‘ve added entertainment and event services ideas to show you how you can bring your theme to life.

Dive right in and read the blog below to help you plan your wedding. You will also find a helpful, comprehensive wedding checklist here and  plenty more wedding inspiration here 

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Rustic Wedding ThemeRustic Wedding

Think wood, wicker, hand-written signs, paper and string and plenty of beautiful, natural-looking flowers and foliage. A rustic wedding can be set in or outdoors since it works just as well in a barn as a marquee.

A solo, acoustic guitar player or guitar singer is the perfect accompaniment to the early parts of the day for a rustic wedding, and for the reception you could hire a Country and Western band. A mobile bar also works very well with this theme since it can be put anywhere outside in your wedding area and you can place decoration around it and straw bales for seating.

Garden Wedding Theme

Garden Party/Secret Garden Wedding

This is a wonderfully classic theme, which again you can work with either in or outdoors. The main elements will always be either beautiful flowers and twinkling string or fairy lights. You can also bring in ‘tea party’ elements, with floral china plates and vases and to make it really magical don’t forget to create some nooks, hideaways, or secret bowers.

Book a string quartet for your daytime entertainment and why not go for fireworks and the wow-factor of a hiring an aerialist for the evening.

Festival Wedding

Festival vibes have become increasingly popular as a way to bring fun and that informal feel to a wedding. Loose or down hair for the bride and bridesmaids, flowing dresses, colourful flowers and headbands are all part of the more relaxed feel of this theme, along with activities in tents, face painters, and even jugglers or stilt-walkers and bubble performers.

Carnival Wedding

We have plenty of Carnival wedding theme ideas in our blog, but to get started remember this one is all about colour! Colourful balloons and popcorn stalls, Ferris wheel centre-pieces, bunting and striped tents. All of this is brought to life when you hire a circus performer, whether it’s a sword swallower, stilt walker, juggler or clown and why not book a tarot card reader to sit in one of your side-show tents!

Art Deco Wedding Theme

Art Deco & Vintage Wedding

There are plenty of vintage wedding eras you can go for, but one of the most stylish is definitely Art Deco, or the 1920s/30s. Everything from the fonts you can use for the type on your invitations and table settings, to the colours (usually dominated by black and gold or black and silver), from the music, to the dress style has such a strong style. Think of the of Great Gatsby and you’ve got it!

If you hire a Jazz & Swing band it will compliment this theme perfectly, bringing the roaring 20s to life, or you could book a vintage singer. This era also saw a real fascination with spiritualism, so for an extra, creative touch, why not hire a hypnotist, mentalist or medium to put on a jaw-dropping show.

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter Wonderland Wedding

This one is so pretty and you can go minimal or totally overboard with it! White is obviously the main colour here, and anything that suggests frost and snow, from silver glitter to twinkling lights. You can have some cross-over with a rustic theme, using plenty of wood for signs and decorations, as well as pine and berries – and of course, don’t forget the (fake) fur.

There are plenty more ideas in our winter wedding guide, but to get you started you could think of hiring costume characters if you’re going for all-out Christmas, and an aerialist dressed in white would also create just the right look.

Tropical Wedding Theme

Tropical Wedding

One for fun-loving couples, a tropical wedding theme is all about vibrant colours, big tropical plants and flowers and of course music! Hire a Reggae & Ska band to get everyone smiling and dancing, and why not book a fire performer to entertain everyone when the sun goes down. And don’t forget the photo booth so your guests can get mementos of themselves with tropical themed props on your wonderful day.

Rock & Roll Wedding

Yes, Rock & Roll weddings are amazing! The leather jackets, the wide skirts, the shades – perfect for the more unconventional couple. You can really go for it with the 50s era styling too, with juke boxes, milk shake bars, retro cars and record-design seating plans and table decorations.

Obviously, one of the best things about a Rock & Roll wedding theme is the music. You could go for anything from booking an Elvis or Buddy Holly Tribute act, to a Rock & Roll party band. And why not hire a magic selfie mirror so all your guests can pose in their wonderful outfits and print out their photos to take home.

Rock and Roll Wedding

Movie Theme Wedding

There are so many thousands of options with this one, it’s hard to know where to start. You could choose anything from The Wizard of Oz to Dirty Dancing, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof to Mamma Mia – or just go for a general Movies theme, using clapper boards and film posters for your décor. Whatever you go for, you can find a lookalike to fit in with your choice and give your guests a real surprise when James Bond or Laurel & Hardy walk into your reception.

Or finally, why not hire a wedding caricaturist to create amazing pictures of your guests using your movie theme as inspiration!

We hope you’ve found all the wedding theme inspiration you need here, but don’t forget, if we can help you find any kind of entertainment or event service for your big day, just fill in our request form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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