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Abba Chique Abba Tribute Band

To assist you in booking Abba Chique (South East England Abba Tribute Band) for your upcoming event, we recently had a Q&A session with them!

Q: What are the most common events that you perform at?

A: We play at all kinds of events, but we’re often asked to play at festivals, private parties & wedding receptions.

Q: How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

A: The band has been established for nearly 8 years. I, myself, have been gigging for 15 years and some of the band members have been in the music industry a LOOOOONG time!

Q: What’s your favourite gig to date and why?

A: Jack Up The 80s Festival in 2016. We had the best audience ever on a scorching hot summer’s day. What more could you ask for?!

Q: Whereabouts have you played in the country/world?

A: We’ve been lucky enough to play all over the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Athens and Spain.

Q: Is there audience interaction in your act?

A: Yes and lots of it! We always get our audience dancing and singing along and we love making sure that they have a really great night!

Q: What is one of the highlights of your show?

A: There are many and everyone has their favourite Abba song but one of the highlights has to be our Benny and Bjorn’s solos in Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

Q: What do you personally enjoy most about performing?

A: Making people’s events a night to remember. At the end of the night when they all come over to say what a fantastic evening they’ve had, it makes it all worthwhile 🙂

Q: Are there any occasions that you would not advise to book you for?

A: I can’t think of any!

Q: Is your act child-friendly?

A: Yes, absolutely, children love our shows.

Q: What’s the biggest crowd you’ve performed to so far?

A: We were delighted to perform in front of 12,000 people at the Bournemoth Air Show 2014, that was a really exciting event.

Q: What type of occasion/event have you the most experience in performing at?

A: We play regularly at private parties, festivals, weddings and restaurants so we have a lot of experience of these types of events.

Q: What questions would you need to know from a booker?

A: Of course, we need to know the event location, date and number of people attending and then bookers can let us know if they have any special requirements, which we always try and accommodate. 

Q: Do you have any video links on your Profile for a booker to view your act?

A: Yes, you can find a brilliant promotional video on our Entertainers Worldwide profile, with good quality clips from some of our performances.

Q: Can you tailor your act to the booker’s requirements?

A: Yes, we do our best to accommodate any special requests or requirements that a booker may have. 

Q: Do you have online reviews on your Profile that bookers can read?

A: Yes, we have Google reviews and testimonials/feedback on our website.

Q: What is the average duration of your act?

A: We’ll ususally do two sets of 45 minute performances but we can tailor according to the event and the booker’s requirements.

Q: Do you have an ideal age-range for your act?

A: No, the show is suitable for and loved by all ages. We have performed at children’s parties as well as all the milestone birthdays from 18th – 90th!

Q: What was your worst gig and why?

A: New Year’s Eve at a club a few years back, there was a power cut just before midnight and we couldn’t finish the show. We saw in the new year in pitch black!

Q: Do you have an interval?

A: Yes, usually of around 30 minutes.

Q: Are you insured for Public Liability?

A: Yes (up to £10 million).

Q: Do you sell any merchandise?

A: Occasionally.

Q: If you were to cancel on the day due to an emergency, do you provide a back-up?

A: Absolutely, although fortunately this has never happened.

Q: Are there any other services you provide, such as MC’ing?

A: We offer disco music throughout the evening, before and after the shows, saving people the hassle of booking a DJ. 

Q: Do you require a meal?

A: No.

Q: How far in advance would you advise that the booker book you?

A: As soon as possible! We get booked up to three years in advance for some dates so contact us in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

Q: Would there be any fees that the booker is not accounting for? Such as travel fees?

A: No, the price we quote is inclusive of all travelling costs.

Q: What kind of outfit will you wear?

A: ABBA costumes!

Q: Do you use flashing lights in your act?

A: Yes, but not strobes.

Q: Do you require help to set up your equipment/set-up?

A: No – we are fully self-sufficient.

Q: Would you say you have a good rapport with your audience?

A: Yes, this is very important. We love to connect with the audience – that’s what makes a great show.

Q: Does your pricing change during popular seasons?

A: We offer lower rates for quieter months January-March.

If you are looking to hire an amazing and talented Abba Tribute Band for your Corporate or other event, view Abba Chique (South East England Abba Tribute Band!

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