Q&A With Echo Drop | Duo | Vancouver – Canada

Echo Drop Duo

Canadian husband and wife Duo, Echo Drop have been performing their unique brand of Pop, R&B and Rock classics for the past 15 years, delighting audiences all over the world with their warmth and musical talent.

Lead singer Jill plays keyboards and, with Sean on bass synth and electronic drums, they have an awesome sound to back up their vocals. They love to interact with the audience and get everyone singing along, creating a great atmosphere at corporate events, casinos, five-star hotels and on worldwide cruises.

To assist you in booking Vancouver Duo – Echo Drop for your upcoming event, we recently had a Q&A session with them!

Q. What are the most common events that you perform at?
A. Our typical gigs are 5/7 star hotels, corporate events and from time to time we are guest entertainers on cruise ships and ferry lines.

Q. How long have you been in the entertainment industry?
A. We have been performing professionally for over 15 years.

Q. Is there audience interaction in your act?
A. Yes of course! Our audiences love to sing along and that’s what we love most about performing.

Q. What’s your favourite gig to date and why?
A. We once had the opportunity to play the song “Lights” on a deck overlooking San Francisco Bay. To play that song in particular, which was written for San Francisco, was incredibly cool!

Q. Describe your act in 5 words
A. Unique, fun, talented, professional and chic.

Q. Where have you performed in the country/world?
A. All over! China, USA, Canada, Columbia, Mexico, Bahamas, Costa Rica…

Q. Are there any occasions that your act is better suited to?
A. We are best suited to corporate events, 5/7 star hotel lounge/bar gigs and as guest entertainers.

Q. Is your act child-friendly?
A. Our show is 100% family friendly.

Q. Do you have any video links on your Profile for a booker to view your act?
A. We shoot a new video every month to keep our fans updated and you can find these on our Entertainers Worldwide profile!

Q. Do you have online reviews on your Profile that bookers can read?
A. We have 12 reviews (and counting)! In addition we have a certified rating from Celebrity X Cruises guests and senior management that we can supply to potential clients.

Q. Do you have an ideal age-range for your act?
A. Our show is suited to all ages, but our best audiences have been between 16 and 65 years old. We once had a 97 old grandmother dancing along to Lady Gaga!

If you are looking to hire an amazing and talented Duo for your Corporate or other event, view Vancouver Duo – Echo Drop here!

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