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To assist you in booking South Carolina Based Gracie and Lacy for your upcoming event, we recently had a Q&A session with them! Gracie and Lacy1

Q. What are the most common events that you perform at?
A.Corporate and Non-profit Events

Q. How long have you been in the entertainment industry?
A. Touring as a sister act for, yikes, 20 years this year!

Q. What’s your most favourite gig to date and why? A. A recent private dinner for international diplomats – the host transformed her home, tennis court, and pool terrace into the 1940s El Morocco Club and we performed with Deana Martin (Dean Martin’s Daughter), the decor and catering were incredible, complete with giant Zebras and synchronized swimmers in the color-changing pool.

Q. Describe your act in 5 words. A. Vintage Hollywood Sister Act.

Q. Whereabouts have you played in the country/world?
A. All over the US – primarily the Midwest, South, and East Coast.

Q. Performing your act, what’s your biggest achievement so far?
A. Performing at President Trump’s Mar A Lago Club for the International Red Cross Ball.

Q. Is there audience interaction in your act?
A. Yes – we can even have your CEO dancing the Charleston!

Q. What is one of the highlights of your show?
A. The tap dancing!

Q. What do you personally enjoy most about performing?
A. Being able to bring back memories for people.

Q. Are there any occasions that your act is better suited to?
A. Yes – We are well suited for Corporate Events & Galas looking to enhance their theme such as Gatsby, 1940s, Old Hollywood, Broadway, or Holiday. 

Q. Are there any occasions that you would not advise to hire your act for? A. Our shows are best suited for the general public and corporate settings, we don’t offer Burlesque/Risqué themes.

Q. Is you act child-friendly? A. Yes.

Q. What’s the biggest crowd you’ve performed to so far?
A. 7,000 (Churchill Downs Gatsby Night, and Sweet Adeline’s International Convention).

Q. What type of occasion/event have you the most experience in performing at?
A. Corporate Events, Galas, Private Events, Historic Theatres. 

Q. Do you have overtime charges if the event runs late? A. Yes – we have never had to enforce it, though as our clients generally run right on schedule and we don’t book shows back to back.

Q. What questions would you need to know from a booker? A.What type of staging? Is there a nearby dressing area?, Is pro-audio in-house? What is their vision for the theme and timeline of the event?

Q. Do you have any video links on your profile for a booker to view your act? A. Yes.

Q. Can you tailor your act to the booker’s requirements?
A. We do offer a bit of flexibility and customization within the limits of costume-change time needs.

Q. Do you need any special arrangements in order to perform?
A. Yes – A tech rider is available corresponding with the event and venue type.

Q. Do you have online reviews on your profile that bookers can read?
A. Google Reviews, GigSalad reviews, and testimonials on our website.

Q. What is the average duration of your act?
A. 40 minutes for after-dinner events, 20 minutes for Awards Nights, 75 minutes w/15 min intermission for theatrical events.

Q. Do you have an ideal age-range for your act?
A. 25+, however as our show is suitable for all ages, many young people also attend.

Q. Are there any cancellation fees?
A. Yes, our cancelation policy is outlined in each contract.

Q. What sets your act apart from your competition?
A. We have an incredible array of costumes in the show and the audience enjoys, vocals, dancing, comedy. Our entire team is drug and alcohol free, uniformed, and etiquette trained.

Q. What was your worst gig and why?
A. A charitable gala – the event planner was tipsy did not read the tech rider and had no room for us or the equipment. Our tech director was able to sort it out with the venue and the show went on!

Q. Do you have an interval?
A. Nothing shorter than 20 minute sets if costume changes are still desired.


Q. Are you insured for Public Liability?
A. Yes, in the USA.

Q. Do you sell any merchandise?
A. CDs.

Q. If you were to cancel on the day due to an emergency, do you provide a back-up?
A. Luckily this has not happened. We have alternate show line-ups if one performer is injured or ill to ease up on their load. We maintain a list of artists we refer, but have never had to cancel on the day of a show.  

Q. Are there any other services you provide, such as MC’ing?
A. Yes: MC, Swing Dance & Charleston Dance instruction, Educational Workshops, Master Classes in Dance, Voice, Theatre.

Q. How long before the event do you typically arrive at the venue?
A. Depends on the type of show – usually no less than an hour or two before doors open.

Q. Do you require a meal?
A. Yes, if on-site over a meal time.

Q. How far in advance would you advise that the booker book you?
A. We accept last minute bookings. June, December, and January are the busiest months.  If a client is obtaining grant funding to hire us, usually a year out is recommended.

Q. Would there be any fees that the booker is not accounting for?
A. We are very up front about all fees and will quote an all-in rate if desired, or send a rider outlining our travel and lodging needs.

Q. What kind of outfit will you wear?
A. Performers and tech director arrive in the Gracie & Lacy uniform with name tag – we have different uniforms for different dress codes (black pants and pink polos, black pants and pink blazers, black pants and black sequin blazers). Onstage we incorporate up to 12 vintage-style costumes. After the performance we mingle in-costume OR change to cocktail or formal wear or back to uniform.

Q. Do you use flashing lights in your act?
A. No.

Q. Do you require help to set up your equipment/set-up?
A. Yes – 1-2 gentlemen to help load-in/load-out.  

Q. Do you have a back-up plan if there is a malfunction with the equipment? A. Yes – we have back-up music players. We have actually experienced power-outages and alarms going off during the show and can continue acappella on pitch and can also think on our feet if we have to fill time.

Q. Would you say you have a good rapport with your audience?
A. Yes – we have very devoted fans and clients. Many of our audience members don’t miss a show in our hometown. Our clients and fans are our top referral source.

Q. Does your pricing change during popular seasons?
A. No – However, we often are able to give clients a break on travel costs if we are already in their area for another show.

If you are looking to hire an amazing and talented live Song and Dance Act for your Corporate or other event, view South Carolina Based Gracie and Lacy’s Publicity here!

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