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To assist you in booking Lilyan – Bulgaria-based Pianist Singer for your upcoming event, we recently had a Q&A session with her!

Q: What are the most common events that you perform at?

A: I usually play evening events, such as birthday parties and anniversaries.

Q: How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

A: 25 years.

Q: Whereabouts have you played in the country/world?

A: I’ve played all over the world, in Asia, America and Europe.

Q: Is there audience interaction in your act?

A: Yes, I enjoy connecting with the audience, it makes the event more memorable for people.

Q: Is your act child-friendly?

A: Yes, absoluely.

Q: What’s the biggest crowd you’ve performed to so far?

A: 400 people is probably the biggest audience I’ve played to so far.

Q: Do you have any video links on your Profile for a booker to view your act?

A: Yes – you can view my promo video by visiting my Entertainers Worldwide profile. 

Q: Do you need any special arrangements in order to perform?

A: No. 

Q: Do you have online reviews on your Profile that bookers can read?

A: yes

Q: What is the average duration of your act?

A: Usually, it’s up to 4-6 hours.

Q: Do you have an ideal age-range for your act?

A: My act is suitable for all ages, although I would say it is very well suited to the 50-60 age range.

Q: How long before the event do you typically arrive at the venue?

A: 1 to 13 hours before show time, depending on the circumstances and travel time :)

Q: Do you require a meal?

A: Yes, if possible.

Q: What kind of outfit will you wear?

A: Evening dresses – I think it’s important to bring a sense of occasion to the event.

Q: Do you use flashing lights in your act?

A: No

Q: Do you require help to set up your equipment/set-up?

A: Not usually, although if it’s offered that’s always nice.

Q: Do you have a back-up plan if there is a malfunction with the equipment?

A: Yes, always.

Q: Does your pricing change during popular seasons?

A: No – my charges are consistent throughout the year. 

If you are looking to hire an amazing and talented Pianist Singer for your Corporate or other event, view Lilyan – Pianist Singer – Bulgaria here!

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