Q&A With Mitch Williams | Cabaret Magician | Canton – Illinois

Mitch Williams Cabaret Magician Illinois

To assist you in booking Mitch Williams, Illinois-based Cabaret Magician for your upcoming event, we recently had a Q&A session with him!

Q: What are the most common events that you perform at?

A: I often perform at Corporate and association conferences, awards banquets and other similar events.

Q: How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

A: I’ve been performing professionally for nearly 40 years.

   Q: Describe your act in 5 words

A: Absolutely unforgettable magic-themed entertainment.

Q: Whereabouts have you played in the country/world?

A: Throughout the United States and Canada, in Japan, Mexico, and Spain.

 Q: Is there audience interaction in your act?

A: Yes, I use a fair amount of audience participation and interaction.

Q: Is your act child-friendly?

A: My act is family-friendly, but generally geared more towards adults.

Q: What’s the biggest crowd you’ve performed to so far?

A: Two thousand.

Q: What questions would you need to know from a booker?

A: It’s always helpful to know what type of event it is, and the purpose of the event, as well as details about the venue, the number of people attending, and other activities taking place at the event.

Q: Do you have any video links on your Profile for a booker to view your act?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you tailor your act to the booker’s requirements?

A: I specialize in customizing each program to the unique needs of each client.

Q: Are you insured for Public Liability?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you sell any merchandise?

A: I offer my self-improvement book, A Call to Magic-the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World, as well as an audio CD entitled Magical Mind.

Q: How long before the event do you typically arrive at the venue?

A: Generally I like to arrive about an hour before my performance time, more or less, depending upon which of my programs I’m presenting and how much setup is involved.

Q: Would there be any fees that the booker is not accounting for? Such as travel fees?

A: I sometimes charge additional travel fees for events that are more than 150 miles outside the Central Illinois (USA) area.

Q: Does your pricing change during popular seasons?

A: My fees tend to be slightly higher on weekend nights (Fridays or Saturdays) and appropriately higher on competitive dates around the Holidays in December.

If you are looking to hire an amazing and talented Cabaret Magician for your Corporate or other event, view Mitch Williams – Cabaret Magician – Illinois.

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