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Jump Rope and Poi

Yusuke Funaki is a Ninja-Style Jump Rope and Poi performer, who has been dazzling audiences around the world with his beautifully choreographed Jump Rope and LED show for ten years. He has performed for some big names, including Cirque du Soleil and Walt Disney World.

His act is suitable for all ages and merges acrobatics, dance and Capoeira in a truly fun and unique way. He performs high level tricks, rope manipulations, LED and fire shows and choreographed routines set to music, wowing audiences with his creative, skilful and imaginative use of familiar and simple tools.

To assist you in booking Florida-based Jump Rope and Poi Performer Yusuke Funaki for your upcoming event, we recently had a Q&A session with him!

Q. What are the most common events that you perform at?
A. I perform mostly at evening theatre shows and one-off events but I also take my act to street performance festivals, shopping centres and schools.

Q. Is there audience interaction in your act?
A. I have some guest interaction with a few numbers and some without.

Q. What’s your most favourite gig to date and why?
A. Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba was really great because I made lots of friends there who became like family.

Q. Describe your act in 5 words
A. Energetic, surprising, story-telling, diverse and eye-catching.

Q. Where have you performed in the country/world?
A. Japan, USA, Belgium, Netherland and Hungary.

Q. Performing your act, what’s your biggest achievement so far?
A. Creating my own diverse act that’s not like anything else you will ever see.

Q. What do you personally enjoy most about performing?
A. When I feel like I can give something of myself to the audience.

Q. What questions would you need to know from a booker?
A. The stage area is very important. For my jump rope performance, I need a flat floor of at least 14 feet by 20 feet, with a minimum ceiling height of 10 feet.

Q. What is the average duration of your act?
A. My Jump Rope and Fire Show are usually around 5 minutes and the LED Show is 6 minutes – but I can tailor my act to the booker’s requirements.

Q. What kind of outfit will you wear?
A. I wear a specially designed costumed, inspired by samurai.

Yusuke Funaki does not require help to set up and he has back-up equipment in case of any technical issues. His LED show does contain flashing lights.

Watch Yusuke in action in this 2017 showreel video:

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