Boris’ Roadmap and Live Entertainment: Key Dates for Getting Back to Performing in England

Roadmap out of covid and key dates that affect entertainment

What does Boris’ Roadmap mean for live entertainment in England?

With Boris’ Roadmap announcement we do at last have an idea of the key dates and changes that indicate when we will be able to return to performing at live events in England.

With the various stages of coming out of lockdown you may well be asking ‘When will I be able to sing at weddings again?’, ‘When will my band be able to perform in pubs or nightclubs in the UK?’ or ‘How many people will I be able to perform to in April, May or June?’

To help you answer some of those question we’ve created this quick-reference infographic to help you understand what types of performance bookings and jobs you will be able to get and when. Obviously, all of these dates are only target dates at the moment – meaning that any change in transmission rates of the virus could cause a delay – but based on the current roadmap plans, this is what you should be able to do in England, and when.

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(N.B. dates and plans for lifting lockdown differ across the UK and this infographic only covers the current plans as set out for England.)

Boris Roadmap and key dates for entertainment industry



  • Hospitality venues, such as pubs and restaurants open & serve people outdoors with no curfew.
  • Most outdoor attractions and settings, including zoos, and theme parks, will also reopen.
  • Both of these will allow for some outdoor performance opportunities.
  • Weddings go up to 15 people offering some wedding bookings, particularly for solo performers.


  • Outdoor meetings up to 30 people
  • Pubs & restaurants open indoors
  • Outdoor performances such as outdoor cinemas & theatres can reopen.
  • All of this will also offer more opportunities for outdoor performance for solo performers & bands.
  • Outdoor events can open for up to 4,000 people.
  • Weddings, Bar mitzvahs and christenings will be allowed to be attended by up to 30 people.

At this stage we expect to see both a large increase in live bookings for all UK entertainers and in advance bookings, in expectation of the final milestone!


Re-opening of nightclubs, indoor pubs, large weddings & events & lifting of all social restrictions.


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