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advice, tips, write, sell, entertainment, singers, band, profile, bio, descriptionYou have a brilliant act, but for some reason you’re not getting as many enquiries as you’d like…what’s going wrong?

If you’re selling your act online, either with us, or on your own website, then reviewing how you present yourself is a great place to start. Your photos, promo video and profile description all go to make up your shop window – they represent you in the digital world. Are they working hard enough to sell your wonderful act?

We have covered the basics of creating a show-stopping promo video here, and there will be advice on ideal photography coming soon – but just as important as these are the words that you write to tell potential bookers about yourself. All too often we see entertainers with amazing photos, but just a few hastily-written lines for their profile description. A video or a picture can say a thousand things, but does it tell your future clients how long you’ve been working? Does it say that you have a variety of talents? Does it tell them everything they might want to know about you? If not, then you need to write a smart-selling profile, and here’s how…


Before you start writing anything, take a few moments to think about the type of customers you want to attract. If you’re a children’s party entertainer then the chances are your bookers will be Mums and people planning parties. If you’re a singer looking for work at weddings and events, then you’re talking to future brides and people planning Birthdays and even corporate entertainment.

Next think about what these people want to know and what they want from you. Most bookers are short of time and they will want to know as much as possible about you before they even get in contact, to be sure they’re not wasting their time. They probably also want to know that you’re experienced, or at the very least something that shows them that you’re reliable. Take time to think about how you can really sell yourself to them.


Before you write the first word, put on a big smile! Think of this as an interview, you’re here to impress and charm, so don’t write a word until you feel all that enthusiasm and love of your work flowing through you.

Just as in an interview, you also need to be clear and easy to understand. Write yourself a structure or plan so you know what you’re going to include, rather than just starting to type with no particular end in sight.

You can also take some great tips from the marketing experts, such as using emotive words like ‘wonderful’, ‘fun’ and ‘energetic’ and write about ‘benefits’ not just ‘features’. So rather than just telling your future client that you are a Sinatra tribute, think about what your performance can bring to their event – class, style, sophistication and a great opportunity for a themed event.

And of course, don’t forget to spell check!

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The basic structure of what you need to include is all set up, ready to complete, in the ‘Additional Information’ part of your Entertainers Worldwide profile. We strongly advise that you use this as well as writing a brilliant 20-30 word Act Description. However, as a guide, these are the basics of any act profile description, wherever you’re publishing it online or writing for your profile.

Start with a BANG!

This is vital for your shorter Act Description or opening. Get their attention, say something that they can’t ignore. A quote from your best testimonial is a fantastic opener, or tell them about your best ever performance. Whatever you say, make sure it’s enthusiastic and tells them what makes you different.

Include some information about your experience

How long have you performed? How many times? Who have you performed for and where?

Tell them all about your act

What do you do? How long is your act? Do you cover different genres? Do you bring your own equipment? How much do you charge? Remember to think about what the benefits are for your potential client when you write this.

Why do you love what you do?

You can add this to your ‘Full Act Description’ and this is a great way to demonstrate your enthusiasm – and enthusiasm is contagious! Tell them why you love performing, and what that will bring to their event.

That’s all you need to know to write an epic, glowing, enquiry-producing profile. And there’s no time to start like the present…

If you’re already registered with us, don’t forget we are always on hand with support and advice, so get in contact if you want help with promoting your profile. If you’re not registered with us, then register now  and get writing today!



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