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During our Cruise Work Fortnight on Social Media we posted loads of great advice, insights and tips about working on Cruise ships as an entertainer.  We also launched our new FB group, dedicated to providing support and advice exclusively for Cruise entertainers, as well as a place where we post all our Cruise jobs.

Here’s a roundup of all the fun in case you missed any of it!

And just click here if you’re looking for more information about Cruise Performer Jobs and contracts.


Do you want to be a Cruise Entertainer? Read our blog to find out the benefits and challenges with our low-down on the top 5 huge bonuses and 5 questions you need to consider…


We asked all our entertainers would you like to work on a Cruise Ship? And guess what they said? 93% said ‘yes, I’m packing now’ and only 7% said ‘no I’m a home body’! That’s a lot of globe-trotting talent…

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This one is a fantastic insight into Cruise Work!  We totally recommend watching all of this video if you’re interested in cruise work and haven’t landed a job yet. The three performers in this interview work main-stage on one of the biggest cruise ships and go into loads of detail about what goes on behind the scenes and what the job is really like…

More great insights into what it takes to be a fantastic Cruise Entertainer. In this video and interview a 23-year-old acrobat tells all about how she landed her dream job and what her life is like at sea…Click here

We also felt we had to post this incredible video to show the outstanding level of production you get with current Cruise stage shows.

Finally, ever wondered what a cruise crew cabin looks like? Watch this grand tour of the tiny spaces cruise entertainers and crew live in while at sea…


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Want to find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a Cruise Entertainer? Take our fun Quick Quiz, just click here.

We hope you really enjoyed Cruise Fortnight and don’t forget to keep checking our FB group for the latest Cruise jobs. Whether you’re a Musician, Singer, Band or Magician, click on the links or visit our dedicated website to find job opportunities, auditions and apply to get your perfect job as a Cruise Ship Entertainer.


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