Visualization techniques to help you prepare for auditions & gigs

Visualization to prepare for auditions and gigs

Visualization techniques to mentally prepare for auditions & gigs

Performing is the absolute BEST feeling in the world…it fills you with energy and makes you thrill with excitement. But the lead up to your big audition, entertainment job or gig might not always feel so easy.

Worrying is a natural part of preparing for singing auditions, dancing auditions or big performance events – it helps your mind run through what might go wrong, so you can put it right before you get there. But performers need to make sure they mentally prepare without falling into a negative trance trap (”I’m going to trip over/make a fool of myself/forget my words” etc) where we visualize all the bad things that could happen.

So how do you mentally prepare for auditions in a confidence boosting way? How can you use your imagination to make sure you perform well under pressure? How can you beat audition nerves?

Here are three really helpful visualization techniques that will not only help you prepare for your performance or audition and beat any nerves, but will also help you bring out your best performance when it matters most!

technique to calm audition nerves

Visualization to beat audition nerves or pre-performance jitters

This is in fact two different visualization techniques – try them both and see which works best for you:


Start by taking 3 deep breaths, breathing in for a count of three and out for a count of 5. Close your eyes.

When you breathe in, feel yourself filling up with calm and when you breathe out, breathe out any stress.


Then Either;

Take your mind to the side of a calm lake, imagine your mind flowing into a warm stone which is thrown out over the lake. Feel yourself floating down through the lake to gently land on the bottom. Look up through the water and observe the rain and wind far away above the water.


Imagine yourself surrounded by a blue colored bubble – you can see out, but nothing can touch you. Then as you breathe, think about the color calm is for you. Perhaps it’s blue or yellow, perhaps it reminds you of a particular day. Feel that color flowing into your feet and slowly filling you up, and changing how you feel, until you’re full.


Whichever you choose finish off by taking that feeling of calm and then seeing yourself just before your performance, feeling that stillness. What do you look like? What lets you know you feel calm? What’s different?


When you’ve noticed all of this, count down from 5 and open your eyes at 0. Keep practicing this technique to perfect it!

And never forget that any remaining nerves are there because you need them for the adrenaline that will bring out your best performance.

Improve your audition performance

Visualization to improve your performance

This simple visualization works for improving singing, dancing, or any kind of stage or audition performance.

Follow STEP 1 above…then


Think of a performance you have seen that has been truly amazing. A performance by someone who has inspired you. See this performance in your mind. Watch it in detail. What is it about how this person moves/sings/performs that makes the audience want to watch? What makes them so captivating? What draws you in? What makes them different? How confident do they look?

Now let yourself flow into that person and feel what it’s like to be them. What are you doing differently? What feels different?

Follow STEP 4 above.

You can try this technique with any number of different performances and performers.

Confidence building technique for performers

 Visualization to help you audition and perform with confidence

Follow STEP 1 above…then


Bring to mind a time when you have felt incredibly confident. Perhaps a time you have achieved something you didn’t think you would be able to achieve, a particular past performance or audition that you were pleased with, or even a time with friends when you’ve felt at your best.

Remember everything you can about that time. What was the weather like? What did you wear? Did you notice any smells? What did the chair feel like that you sat on, or the shoes feel like that you were wearing? What could you hear? And of course, how did you feel?


Turn up the volume on that feeling and then transport yourself to your next performance…see yourself feeling that way. How do you look different?

Follow STEP 4 above.

That’s it! 3 simple, hypnosis-based, visualizations to help you do your very best when it matters most.

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