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Looking to hire a Florist to help organise your Wedding?

Here at you can find, contact & deal directly with a professional Florist in minutes with our simple to use worldwide entertainment directory!

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WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT hiring a florist?

Read on for the most comprehensive guide to booking a Florist, including how much a Florist costs, exactly what they will do at your event, plus tips, advice and information to help make your event one to remember!


Hire a Florist to create beautifully arranged flowers for your occasion and you will get a service that everyone can appreciate! A contemporary Florist will thrill with the best in modern flower designs and classic flower designs, which will display a range of flower colours and sizes that would be good enough for the Chelsea Flower show! Once you have chosen your Florist, you can discuss in great detail what kind of event you are hosting. The Florist will consider everything from what flowers would be better suited to your occasions season, to the nature of the event and how many people will be attending, to tailor the best flower designs for you!

Whether you prefer roses, hyacinths, sunflowers, or tulips, the professional Florist will be able to provide them in any shape you request.

Mainly, a Florist will delight you and your guests with a fantastic and professional service which will put the wow factor into celebrations and impress everyone! 


There are so many reasons to hire a Florist for a wedding ceremony that it’s nigh impossible to list them all! (But we’ll give it a go!) You may want to hire a Florist to design the entryway or welcome table arrangements! Flowers can really set off the tone of the wedding and to have some dazzling flowers hanging up or displayed on a table by an experienced Florist will be a warm welcome for the wedding guests! If it's a church wedding, you might want to hire a Florist to put together some gorgeous flowers to decorate the alter. The Florist can provide a colour that will match your wedding colours. One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the bride’s bouquet. The Florist will have a vast selection of wedding bouquets for you to choose from. You may want the classic white and green look or you may want to choose your own colours for the bouquet! Let’s not leave the guests out! You might want to request that the Florist decorate the aisles/seating areas with fresh flowers to really give it that romantic feel. On top of this, you can also request that the Florist provides the tossing petals for friends and family so that they can cover the couple as they vacate the wedding venue as a married couple!

You may want to hire a Florist to decorate the wedding drinks reception in violets or roses to coincide with the colour themes of the wedding?! The wedding drinks reception will look stunning with flowers arranged on the cocktail table and on the bar, as well as the entrance arch. Flowers will be an effective visual delight as the wedding guests socialise with the bride and groom for the first time properly that day. The flowers will not only look fabulous but they will also radiate a wonderful scent.

Book a Florist for your wedding breakfast and you will get a professional Florist who will make awe-inspiring designs for the decor of your wedding breakfast venue! From the bride and groom’s chair decorations, to the wedding table flowers on every guests table. The Florist will have a host of Flower arrangements for you to choose from which may include; lilies, carnations, rose petals and more!

If you have had flowers present throughout the wedding day, then you may want to carry this on and hire a Florist to decorate the wedding evening reception? The Florist can be hired to spruce up your wedding evening reception venue with gorgeous wedding flower combinations in accord to the colours of your wedding day! As your wedding guests arrive at the wedding evening reception venue, they will be blown away with the fantastic flower arrangements on display! Whether they’re are brightening up the buffet tables, or illuminating the wedding entertainers stage, the fresh flowers will make all the difference!


Plants and flowers are said to have an extremely positive effect on the office environment so we would strongly advise to hire a professional Florist to design a bespoke flower arrangement or choose the perfect plant to suit your office! Often, Florists will also offer an installation service as well as providing a maintenance service too! Perfect for creating a great atmosphere!

Need to spruce up your hotel or restaurant? Then why not hire a Florist to give the place a once over! A talented and experienced Florist will visit your venue and work out what the best arraignments are for your business. They will consider aspects such as the colours of the interior, and the type of hotel or restaurant you are running. Your guests will love the professional and modern twists the Florist will put into every arrangement! From installing designs in your lobby/reception area, to gracing your bathroom area, the Florist will put the magic touches to every room!

Is it a clients birthday or anniversary? Is your boss celebrating? Then you may want to impress them by sending a bouquet of flowers! A contemporary Florist will be able to show you a catalogue of intricate designs as well as simple ideas which will surprise and touch the person in question! Whatever the occasion, the Florist will know the best flowers to suit it!

Are you throwing a work party? Then you may want to hire a Florist to bedeck the work party venue with the freshest flowers and the most classic designs! A Florist will decorate your venue, no matter what size, with roses, lilies, tulips and more!


If you are throwing a birthday celebration party, then why not hire a professional Florist to decorate the birthday party?! The hired Florist will be well experienced in arranging flowers for parties, no matter what age group the celebration is for. The Florist will bring in a team of professional Florists who will adorn the birthday venue with an amazing centrepiece, table flowers and entrance flowers. Whatever colour you are looking for, the Florist will be able to provide it!

Other occasions you may want to hire a Florist for could include an anniversary for a wedding, or a baby shower! The hired Florist will also be able to provide you with detailed flower arrangements for valentines day or mothers day, in the shape of hearts and names of your loved ones!

You may be looking to hire a Florist for a funeral. A funeral is obviously a sensitive time for everybody involved, so by hiring a professional Florist, you can at least be sure that you will have a multitude of beautiful flowers displayed for everyone to appreciate at the funeral. This will be a great dedication to a loved one as you can also opt for the flowers to be arranged in the shape of something that perhaps  meant a great deal to the the person involved, such as a football or a horse.


Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to firstly search for the best Florists who are local (or travel to your area) and then via the contact form you may message them directly to enquire for a no obligation quote to put on a display at your event. Some Florists will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.

WHAT ARE THE USUAL TIME LENGTHS that florists are hired for?

The Florists will be hired until every last detail of the occasion has been planned! The amount of time they are hired for can vary depending  on what you want at your event. Sometimes it could be 3 months plus, other times it could be longer. We advise to use our personal messaging service to enquire with the Florist themselves.


Simply enter your location in the search field below and you will be presented with all of the Florists who are local to you or who travel to your location. 

1. Enter your location to find a Florists for your event

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