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Activate Your Profile
To activate your profile and have it displayed in our search, simply click the ‘Activate Profile' button. Your next option is to choose the Region/State where you would like it to be found in our search. You also have the option after activation to add your profile to as many additional Regions/States that you perform in by clicking the ‘Increase Exposure' button (this will not appear until your profile is active). Each time a booker or agent makes a search for a Region/State that you have added it to, your profile will appear.

EW Advice:
To maximise your potential, list your profile in each Region/State that you are available to perform (Click the ‘Increase Exposure' button that will appear after Activating your profile).


Payment Plans - Recurring & Non-Recurring
Recurring Payment plans are powered through PayPal on a 'recurring' subscription, i.e. will automatically renew each time your membership renewal is due. You are of course free to cancel at any time - more details of which can be found in our 'Subscriptions Payments Explained' section.

If you do not wish for your payment to automatically recur, you can simply send your payment to and we will activate your profile for you.  This means that it will NOT automatically recur.  


Don't have a PayPal account?
When listing your profile and clicking the 'Checkout with PayPal' button, you may create yourself a free account on the next page.
Alternatively, you can create an account now by visiting:


In what order will my profile appear in search results when listed?
There is no ‘ranking' system on our website, therefore no profile is favoured over another. To maintain this, our automated system randomly generates the order that profiles appear in all search results once per day. This means that if your profile appears e.g. in the 4th position in a search results page, the next day it could appear in 1st position and so on maintaining an equal and fair exposure for all profiles.



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