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Sell/Let Your Products
Selling/letting your product(s) is free of charge and simple to achieve. Also, with your unique URL (e.g. you can send people directly to your profile to make a purchase or hire. You may add as many products as you wish and they will appear on the left-hand side of your profile.


Your PayPal Email Address (for payments)
To sell/let your product(s) you must firstly have a PayPal email address to receive payment. Simple enter this into the supplied box to begin.


Don't Have A PayPal Account?
Creating a PayPal account is free and very simple to set-up. You may use any email address you wish enabling you to send and receive payments. Click the link below and sign up for an account:


Add your Product Details
Item Name
Firstly enter the title or name of the item for sale/let.

Item Code
An item code is normally added when users have a range of products and have them numbered in an inventory. This is optional and seldom used by users with less than a few products.

Item Price (Inc. VAT)
Enter the total price you would like to sell/let your product(s) including VAT. Do not include the shipping cost in this amount as you may add that in the next field.

Shipping Cost (Inc. VAT)
Enter the total price if necessary that you are charging to package and ship/post the item including VAT.

Item Description
Add a full description of what it is you are selling/letting. Customers also like to be aware of a dispatch time before purchase e.g. ‘Dispatches in 1 working day'. We recommend adding this at the bottom of your item description.

Upload Image
If you have an image of what you are selling/letting, you can simply upload it by clicking the ‘Upload Image' box and then select your image from your device.

 EW Advice:
- Describe your product(s) in full detail. This is often the deciding factor on whether a customer makes a purchase or not.
- Reply promptly to any questions re your products.
- Send your product within the dispatch time you have stated.
- Send a courtesy email to the customer stating that their order has been dispatched
- Add your unique profile URL to your business cards:
Products available from:
Customers can use this to visit your profile directly and purchase your merchandise.

Can I Add More Than One Product?
Yes. You can add as many products as you wish by simply clicking ‘Add Another Product'.

Do People Need A PayPal Account To Purchase My Merchandise?
No. Anyone with or without a PayPal account can purchase your merchandise.

What Happens When Someone Makes A Payment?
As soon as someone has made a payment you will receive an email to the email address you registered with PayPal. The email will inform you of a payment received, the product purchased and the customer's name and address. It is then down to you send the product to the customer within the dispatch time that you have given.

What is a Unique URL?
In the ‘Profile Settings' section of your account you can create a unique URL for your profile:
Customers can use this URL to visit your profile directly and purchase/hire your product(s).


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