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Auditions & Gigs

When you have listed your profile, our Auditions & Gigs section allows you to apply for as many auditions or gigs that are relevant to your created profile. When you apply to an audition/gig, a link containing your profile address will be included for the company or person that placed the audition/gig to view. (Note: If you have listed more than one profile, you have the option to choose which profile you wish to include in the application). All replies will be sent to your account messages inbox alongside a copy of each submitted application.


Auditions & Gigs Notifications by Email
If you wish to be notified about auditions & gigs relevant to your listed profile by email, you may do so in your 'Account Settings':

Notify me for entire 'Country' - Selecting this will forward you all auditions & gigs that are added in your listed country.
Notify me for 'Region' only - Selecting this will forward you all auditions & gigs that are added in your listed region only.

Lastly you may choose whether you wish to be notified weekly, monthly or as soon an audition/gig has been added to our website.


Safety Tips
Auditions and gigs are added by bookers/agents/promoters for free by creating an account with us. Although we closely monitor our site, you should always use your own judgement when applying or attending an audition or gig and read our terms and conditions. We also provide a list of safety tips which we recommend you read and you may inform us of any suspicious posts by clicking 'report this listing' on any audition/gig.


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