Looking to hire a singing telegram to give someone a wonderful, personalised singing surprise? Our talented Singagrams are perfect for making birthdays special, giving a colleague a memorable leaving gift or even delivering your marriage proposal. {hide-button}


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What is a Singagram?

You can hire a singing telegram either to deliver a live personalised performance or a virtual, zoom, Skype or Messenger message. There are many different types of singing telegram, from singagram tribute acts, like a Kylie or Cher singagram, to opera singrams, comedy singing telegrams who will create funny songs around any given topic, vintage or rat pack singagrams and plenty more.

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How can I find the right singing telegram for my event?

If you’re looking for a singer to deliver a live performance make sure you search for a singagram near you, or your lucky recipient - you can use our search function to make sure you find a performer who can travel to your area.

If you’re looking for a zoom or virtual performance, you can start by search for singing telegrams in the UK or singagrams in the US. Once you’ve chosen the right performer for you, you can contact them direct to discuss the kind of song you would like, the length of performance and any other details that are important to you.

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