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What exactly will a pavement artist do at your event?

Pavement Artists have become a staple in the modern world of entertainment with the rise in street art culture over recent years. Hire a Pavement Artist for your event and you’ll be getting an exciting visual focus for your guests that will captivate and work as a fantastic ice-breaker!

The hired Pavement Artist will arrive at your venue/location and as well as working on outside pavements, they can also produce their art for inside venues on a range of boards and canvases.

When you think of Pavement Artists, you may think of Burt from Mary Poppins! But we can assure you that street art has moved on quite a lot since then! Hire a modern Pavement Artist for your event, and they may offer anything from cutting edge 3D paintings, to incredibly realistic portraits of the rich and famous!

Contemporary designs may include anything from 3D cracks in the ground, 3D waterfalls. 3D sharks coming out of the ground, to replications of renaissance period masterpieces!

Mainly, a Pavement Artist will delight you and your guests with a fantastic service which will put the wow factor into celebrations and impress everyone!

What event types are pavement artists hired for?

Book pavement artists for Corporate Event Entertainment

A Pavement Artist would be an excellent choice for the entertainment at an annual work party due to the fact that it’s cutting edge, unique and visually captivating! Book a Pavement Artist for a work party such as a work Summer party or an end of financial year party, and you’ll get an experienced artist who will use mainly chalks to create live art on the flooring or walls at your venue or outdoor location! Pavement Art has come on leaps and bounds since its origins and a contemporary Pavement Artist will draw a piece which is truly awe-inspiring to see! Colleagues and clients alike will enjoy seeing breathtaking works of art unfolding before their very eyes including cleverly devised 3D pictures! You can use our personal messaging service to converse with the Pavement Artist about what kind of illustration you would like. Some Pavement Artists will concentrate on stunning wildlife based scenes, whilst others will focus more on humanity. Some Pavement Artists will specialise in landscapes and cities, whilst others will be more experienced in landmarks. Whatever type of drawing you are looking for, you will find a professional street artist who focuses on it! The hired Pavement Artist can tailor an illustration based on your company’s industry, whether it’s hospitality, finance, transport or fashion. One of the many fantastic aspects of hiring a professional Pavement Artist is the fact that you and your colleagues can pose next to the piece for pictures after it’s finished! This will be particularly effective if the art is 3D! Imagine a giant shark coming up from the ground! Or how about a 3D Big Ben or Statue of Liberty?! One thing’s for sure, the art will seem genuinely realistic. This is a great icebreaker at your work party for colleagues and clients who don’t usually get to socialise on a day to day basis.

You might be looking for a modern street artist to create something amazing at a work conference? This type of entertainment will be a totally new experience for many, and will therefore create lots of buzz and interest! The hired Pavement Artist will start from scratch, and will build it up into something incredible! 3D street art designs have become the pavement art of the modern day, with many designs boasting great technical structures. Watching this unfold will help clients to relax and mingle, and will ultimately be great for business. 

If you are looking for a totally originally type of entertainment at a trade show, then how about hiring a Pavement Artist to draw in a big crowd?! The Pavement Artist will modify a specially installed floorspace or a temporary wall which will no doubt get you the attention that you deserve. Street artists usually always pull in a big audience of people craving to see what they will do with the space given, and the hired Pavement Artist at your trade show will be no different! 

Maybe you are searching for a strong visual for your product launch? A professional Pavement Artist will give your product a massive boost due to the ever growing interest in street art! If you want to tie you product in with something that is edgy, youthful and artistic, then street art is the way to go. You can use our personal messaging service to message the Pavement Artist to discuss what type of illustration you want drawn, ensuring that it’s a subject that will appeal to your target audience. This is additionally great because you’ll be providing entertainment that your potential customers can take a picture of, helping them remember your business when they get home! With street art constantly going viral nowadays, your business name will be included in every share the picture gets online!

Book pavement artists for Party entertainment

Search our database for professional Pavement Artists who are local to your area, and you will find a range of street artists who will all focus on different areas of art. Get a 3D picture drawn by a professional Pavement Artist for your party, and make your big night stand out this year! If you are arranging a surprise birthday party for somebody, you may want to hire a Pavement Artist to draw a detailed picture of the person in question! Once the Pavement Artist captures the image of the person on a floor or wall, it can then be used as a unforgettable backdrop for the party guests to have their photo taken in front of! A wonderful memory of the party!

Pavement Art and street art is a strand of Hip-Hop culture and will therefore be well suited at a Hip-Hop themed party! You can hire Breakdancers, Rappers, Graffiti Artists and Pavement Artists to really give your party that Hip-Hop vibe!

Maybe you are looking for acts for a Disney themed party? How about hiring a Pavement Artist to dress up as the cockney chimney sweep come Pavement Artist that is Burt from Mary Poppins?! Mary Poppins in one of the defining films of vintage Disney, so a hired Burt will go down a treat! (Note; although the chalk pavement illustrations will reflect the illustrations shown in the film, we can not guarantee that you will be able to jump into them!)

If you are looking for entertainment for an anniversary, then why not hire a Pavement Artist to draw the married couple?! The hired Pavement Artist can be set up to start drawing as soon as the first guests arrive, which will make for a captivating form of entertainment that everyone can enjoy! Why not invite guests to write messages for the anniversary couple around the picture? Once the illustration is finished, the couple will have a beautiful present that they can keep forever!

How much does pavement artists cost to hire?

Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to firstly search for the best Pavement Artists who are local (or travel to your area) and then via the contact form you may message them directly to enquire for a no obligation quote to put on a display at your event. Some Pavement Entertainment companies will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.

What are the usual set formats and performance lengthS for pavement artists?

This depends on what design you want. A 3D drawing will take up a lot ore time than a 2D drawing. We advise to discuss this by contacting the Pavement Artist via our personal messaging service.

How much space will pavement artists need at your event?

The size needed may change depending on what design you choose. You can use our personal messaging service to enquire with the Pavement Artist to find out.

What equipment and set up requirements do pavement artists need?

As with most of the event service companies who sign up to, a Pavement Artist will provide all of their own equipment which will include the chalks, the stencils, and the canvases.

How can you find and book pavement artists with

Simply enter your location in the search field below and you will be presented with all of the Pavement Artists who are local to you or who travel to perform at your location. You can then view the act’s full profile to:

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