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Read on for the most comprehensive guide to booking a Bee Gees Tribute Band, including how much a Bee Gees Tribute Band costs, exactly what they will do at your event, plus tips, advice and information to help make your event one to remember!

What exactly will a Bee Gees TRIBUTE ACT do at your event?

The Bee Gees are one of the most successful Pop bands ever, selling more than 200 million albums to date! The reasons behind this massive success are the fantastic songs of the Bee Gees that include tracks such as ’Stayin’ Alive’, ‘How Deep is your Love’, ’Too Much Heaven’, ‘Night Fever’, ‘You Should be Dancing’ and many many more! 

Hire a Bee Gees Tribute Band for your event and you will get a Barry Gibb impersonator, a Robin Gibb lookalike and a Maurice Gibb soundalike singing the best songs of the Bee Gee’s lustrous career! The Bee Gees started off in the 1960’s, releasing their very first record in 1965. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the Bee Gee’s really hit their stride, releasing songs for the soundtrack to the Disco flavoured film ’Saturday Night Fever’ in 1977. The film, starring John Travolta, was a massive commercial success and the soundtrack helped to turn the Bee Gee’s into one of the biggest bands of all time!

When you hire a Bee Gee’s Tribute Band for your wedding, party, or corporate event, you can expect them to perform the best of the Bee Gee’s which will see them cover; ‘Jive Talkin’, ‘I Started a Joke’, ‘Tragedy’ and ‘How Can you Mend a Broken Heart’. 

Mainly, a Bee Gees Tribute Band will entertain your audience with a fantastic live show that will put the wow factor into celebrations and impress your guests, whatever their entertainment tastes may be. 

What event types are Bee Gees Tribute bands hired for?

Book a Bee Gees TRIBUTE band for Wedding Entertainment:

Hire a Bee Gees Tribute Act for a wedding and you will be blown away by the amazing array of hits that you will hear! The Bee Gees are one of those bands who have more songs than you may initially have imagined! We would advise to hire a Bee Gees Tribute Act to perform covers of Bee Gees songs as the wedding guests are coming into the ceremony. For this fantastic moment, we would advise for them to sing something atmospheric such as ‘How Deep is your Love’. The Bee Gees Covers Band can then be booked to play as the bride is walking down the aisle, at this point we would advise for the band to play something like ‘Wedding Day’, which will work for obvious reasons! The song is a beautiful ode to love and the lyrics reflect a couple getting married! You can then request they perform an uplifting song when the nuptials have been agreed such as the Disco tinged ‘More than a Woman!’.

The music of the Bee Gees would be an excellent choice for the wedding drinks reception entertainment, as a lot of their songs centre around love and romance. The Bee Gees Tribute Band can perform songs such as ‘I Started a Joke’, and the extremely romantic ‘Words’. You may want to hire the Bee Gees Tribute Band to perform live acoustic versions of the most famous Bee Gees songs off all time? This will be the ideal soundtrack to such a wonderful moment in the wedding day proceedings. The Bee Gees have a very melodic and gentle side, which will be ideal for the wedding drinks reception as the wedding guests are catching up with one another.

The wedding breakfast is that great time of the wedding day when the wedding guests sit down with the bride and groom and they all enjoy the wedding food and wedding speeches. Hiring a Bee Gees Covers Band to perform the hits of the Bee Gees live would be a perfect way to add to the celebrations as the Bee Gees have a lot of soft, Pop music which can blend into the background whilst people are chatting. For this special time of the wedding day, we would advise for the Bee Gees Tribute Band to cover songs such as ‘Islands in the Stream’ (it was the Bee Gee’s song originally!) ‘To Love Somebody’, and the glorious ‘First of May!’.

The wedding evening reception is when the Disco hits of the Bee Gees will really get the party into full flow! The Bee Gees have a lot of love songs, but they also have a vast amount of fast past anthems with huge danceability! Hire a Bee Gees Tribute Act for your wedding evening reception and you can expect to hear classic songs such as the massive Disco thumper ’Stayin’ Alvie’, the moorish ‘Night Fever’ and the thrilling but fun ‘Tragedy!’, all played live by a talented group of musicians! The tribute to the Gibb brothers will also perform the first wedding dance song! For this romantic moment, we would suggest to request a song such as ‘How Deep is your Love’ or ‘Islands in the Stream!’.

Book a Bee Gees tribute band for Corporate Event Entertainment

The music of the Bee Gees will be a highlight of any corporate event as they are so widely respected and well loved! If you are searching for a great band to play live music at your work party, then a Bee Gees Tribute Act would be a fantastic choice! Whether you are hosting a work Summer party, an end of financial year party, a work Christmas party or a colleague’s leaving party, the music of the Bee Gees sung by talented impersonators will be a great touch! As the Bee Gees are so well loved, you may want to hire them for a trade show or a product launch?! The crowds will certainly stop in their tracks when they hear the Bee Gees cover songs such as ‘More than a Woman’, ’Too Much Heaven’, ‘Massachusetts’, ‘You Win Again’, and ‘New York Mining Disaster 1941!’. If you are scouting talented groups to perform as holiday camp entertainment, then you may want to hire a Bee Gees Tribute Band to sing some of the biggest hits of the 1970’s?! The Bee Gees Tribute Band will impress all of the holidaymakers and get everybody in the mood to party!

Book a Bee Gees tribute band for Party Entertainment

If you’re looking for ideas for your 1970’s themed party, then a Bee Gees Tribute Band would be a perfect choice! You can advise your party goers to dress up in 1970’s Disco fashions such as flares, platform shoes, cat suits, jump suits, glitter and a whole lot more! The Bee Gees Tribute Band can play some of the biggest Disco hits in the world such as ’Stayin’ Alive’, ’Jive Talkin’, ‘Night Fever’, ‘How Deep is Your Love’ and ‘You Should be Dancing!’. Perfect for your 1970’s Disco party! You may need a form of musical entertainment for your anniversary party? Well, the songs of the Bee Gees covers a wide range of genres including Disco, RnB, Rock and Pop, not mention a heap of beautiful love songs which would be ideal for celebrating a night of romance!

How much do Bee Gees tribute bands cost to hire?

Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to firstly search for the best Bee Gees Tribute Bands who are local (or travel to your area) and then via the contact form you may message them directly to enquire for a no obligation quote to perform at your event. Some acts will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.

What are the usual set formats and performance lengthS for Bee Gees tribute bands?

A Bee Gees Tribute Band can tailor their performance times to suit you and your event, however, on average, a professional Bee Gees Tribute Act will perform for two 45 minutes sets.

How much space will a Bee Gees tribute band need at your event?

If your Bee Gees Tribute Band comes as part of a full band, then you will need space for a full band back-line. This will mean that you’ll need a stage area of at least 4 metres by 3 metres.

What equipment and set up requirements do Bee Gees tribute bands need?

As with most artists who sign up to, a Bee Gees Tribute Band will provide all of their own equipment. You may want to enquire if they need a PA to amplify their sound, in which case we would advise to use our easy to use messaging service to find out. We do ask that each performer gets a backstage area in which they can prepare for the performance ahead. If your venue does not have a backstage area, then we kindly ask that you enquire with the venue to seek an alternative space in which the performer can comfortably get ready to entertain.

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