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Looking to hire a Wedding Planner to help organise your Wedding?

Here at you can find, contact & deal directly with a professional Wedding Planner in minutes with our simple to use worldwide entertainment directory!

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WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT hiring a Wedding Planner?

Read on for the most comprehensive guide to booking a Wedding Planner, including how much a Wedding Planner costs, exactly what they will do at your event, plus tips, advice and information to help make your event one to remember!

WHAT EXACTLY WILL A Wedding Planner DO for YOUR wedding?

A Wedding Planner will be a great addition to any wedding as they will basically take away all the stress of putting together a wedding! This way you can simply sit back and enjoy all of the exciting things about a wedding day! The Wedding Planner will take care of everything including the ceremony, the wedding drinks reception, the wedding breakfast and the wedding evening drinks! You will, of course, have complete control over what style and what type of wedding you want, but the professional Wedding Planner will give you choices and the pros and cons of each selection. The Wedding Planner will help with everything from choosing the right wedding ceremony venue, from selecting the right wedding dress, from the wedding shoes, to the bridesmaids outfits, to the colour schemes of the wedding as a whole, to picking the right wedding invitations to the send out, to choosing the best Honeymoon for the newlyweds! From day 1 of planning a wedding, there is literally hundreds of things to consider. A Wedding Planner simply makes it easier by breaking down the choices!


Every wedding ceremony is a special and personal moment for the bride and groom, so it’s important that preparations are made to make it a perfect time for everyone to share. With it being such a delicate and intimate time, why not hire a Wedding Planner for your wedding ceremony to guide you through the best choices for you? A Wedding Planner will play an integral part in aiding the bride and groom in making the wedding ceremony the best for them! From the first day of being hired, the Wedding Planner will ask you what you want from your wedding ceremony. They will ask questions such as; Do you want a big event or more of a low-key affair? How many wedding guests are you inviting to the ceremony? What kind of colour themes were you thinking, if any? Do you want a church ceremony a registry office, or something a little bit different such as a beach wedding? They will also give you the best options to reflect your budget which will include things such as the wedding invitations. For example, do you want the wedding invitations to include photos of you? Do you want a funky, modern and comical approach to your wedding invitations? Or would you prefer something more classic and traditional? One of the biggest aspects to consider on a wedding day is the bride’s wedding dress. The Wedding Planner will be able to narrow your search down to a few options, all from a description of what the bride wants. The Wedding Planner will consider everything, such as the journey from the house to the ceremony venue, to what the bridesmaids are wearing, to the groom’s shoes! They will leave no stone unturned and will ensure that you are relaxed and confident on the morning of your wedding, leaving you to simply enjoy the big moment!

The Wedding Planner can be hired to organise all aspects of the wedding day, including the wedding drinks reception! The wedding drinks reception is that time of day when the wedding guests will get to chat to the newlyweds properly for the first time, so the more planning and organising that goes into it, the more time the newly announced husband and wife will have to relax and mingle. The Wedding Planner can sought out a professional wedding photographer and will also create a schedule for when the wedding photos are to be taken during the wedding drinks reception. Prior to the wedding, the Wedding Planner will discuss what kind of musical entertainment you want to hire for the wedding drinks reception (if any) the Wedding Planner will then present the bride and groom with options to choose from which may include a solo Classical Guitarist, a Jazz Pianist, a Violinist or maybe even a full on Rock covers band?! Whatever your musical tastes may be, the hired Wedding Planner will ensure that you get the best entertainment on offer at your wedding drinks reception. Another aspect of the wedding drinks reception to consider is the refreshment side of things. By this time of the wedding day, the wedding guests may be feeling a bit peckish and a tad thirsty, so choosing the right snacks and drinks is pivotal! The Wedding Planner will present to you an array of carefully chosen professional caterers who will provide a fantastic spread for the friends and family of the bride and groom which, depending on your tastes, may include great champagne, soft drinks, sandwiches, vol au vents and many other light refreshments. Hire a Wedding Planner for your big day and they will ensure that everything is kept to a relaxed but firm schedule on your wedding drinks reception!

Hire a Wedding Planner for the wedding day and they will provide an organisational service that includes every part of the wedding celebrations, including the wedding breakfast. A hired Wedding Planner will play a pivotal role in ensuring that the wedding breakfast goes to plan. This will include everything, such as hiring the wedding breakfast venue. The wedding breakfast venue needs to be just right for your tastes. So, whether you want your wedding breakfast venue to be in a classy, renovated barn, a hotel, a manor house garden or a pub, the experienced Wedding Planner for hire will know of the best wedding breakfast venues wherever you decide to hold the event! Hire a Wedding Planner and they will schedule the times of the wedding speeches by the father of the bride, the best man, the groom and anybody else who wants to make a speech! If the speech maker is not accustomed to writing speeches for big events, then the Wedding Planner can hire a professional Toastmaster to help tailor a funny and sensitive speech that the guests will love! The Wedding Planner will also locate the best caterers local to you to cook up something special for the food served at your wedding breakfast, and this will include everything from the napkins to the menus! Hire a Wedding Planner to organise your wedding breakfast and you will additionally be getting a professional who will know the best of the best! This will come in handy when you’re looking for the perfect wedding cake! Whether you are searching for a traditional white wedding cake with many tiers, or something a little more personalised, the experienced Wedding Planner will know the contacts to make it happen! 


If you’re looking for a someone to relieve the stress of organising your wedding, then hire a Wedding Organiser to take the weight off of your shoulders! The hired Wedding Planner will help organise all aspects of your wedding including your wedding evening reception! The wedding evening reception is when the wedding celebrations really kick off, so in order to enjoy a night of relaxing, carefree fun, you may want to hire a Wedding Organiser to help put together a night of festivities that your wedding guests will not forget! Book a Wedding Planner, and they will formulate a wedding plan for everyone to enjoy! The professional Wedding Planner will help in booking the ideal wedding evening reception venue. Whatever your preference for a wedding evening reception is, the Wedding Organiser will have a mass of faultless venue options that will be perfect for a wedding evening reception! They will take into consideration every detail, from the amount of guests you have invited, to the kind of entertainment you want to hire, to present to your a wedding evening reception venue that will accommodate everything! From the best wedding bands, to the best wedding DJ’s, hire a Wedding Planner local to you and you will know exactly where to go to book your wedding evening reception entertainment! This is important as you will want to make sure the first dance is absolutely impeccable!

HOW MUCH DO Wedding Planners COST TO HIRE?

Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to firstly search for the best Wedding Planners who are local (or travel to your area) and then via the contact form you may message them directly to enquire for a no obligation quote to put on a display at your event. Some Wedding Planner Rental Companies will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.

WHAT ARE THE USUAL TIME LENGTHS that Wedding Planners are hired for?

The Wedding Planner will be hired until every last detail of the wedding has been planned! The amount of time they are hired for can vary depending on the Wedding Planner and depending on what you want at your wedding. Sometimes it could be 3 months plus, other times it could be longer. We advise to use our personal messaging service to enquire with the Wedding Planner themselves.


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WANT TO FIND A Wedding Planner NEAR YOU?

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