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WHAT EXACTLY WILL Hiring InflatableS & Soft Play DO for YOUR EVENT?

If you are searching for the ideal form of entertainment at your event that adults and children can get stuck into, then an Inflatable will tick every box! A modern Inflatable hire company will provide the very best in contemporary Inflatable ideas that will thrill all of your guests! 

You may want to hire a bouncy castle for everyone to jump around on? Or how about an inflatable assault course? You may want an Inflatable slide? Or maybe an Inflatable canopy for an outdoor event? 

The inflatables & soft play company will supply a professional service that will include an experienced inflatables & soft play handler who will deliver your hired Inflatable and will give clear instructions (such as no shoes, 5 at a time only etc) and they will then leave you to it until you request for them to pick it up! Bouncy castles have come on a long way over the years and nowadays they will come in a variety of different themes including a beach theme, a funfair theme or a more adult theme!

Modern Inflatable companies cater for adults and children, so an Inflatable at your event will provide an excellent bit of fun for everyone to enjoy!

Mainly, an Inflatable hire company will delight you and your guests with a fantastic and professional service which will put the wow factor into celebrations and impress everyone! 


The wedding drinks reception is that time of the wedding day when the adults get to schmooze properly for the first time with the bride and groom. You may therefore need a form of entertainment that will keep the children at the wedding happy! If this is the case, then we suggest hiring an Inflatable for the children to jump around on! An Inflatable is great for keeping all the children in one place and out of trouble! It will also be a brilliant way of bonding children who may have never met before. (as well as working as an excellent tool to burn off all the energy from fizzy drinks!) The Inflatable company will have a selection of magnificent bouncy castles to choose from which may include themes such as pirates, dinosaurs, superhero’s, Disney, animals and much more! Alternatively, if you wanted a plain bouncy castle such as an all black or all white bouncy castle, then they should also be able to provide this for you too. 

You may want to hire an Inflatable for the wedding evening reception entertainment? The Inflatable hire company can deliver a bouncy castle at the wedding evening reception venue (whether inside or outside) where it will provide a brilliant hub for the children at the wedding! You will be able to choose from a variety of different bouncy castles, from the best in modern bouncy castles for hire! You may want to hire a bouncy castle which is not just for the kids! Hire a bouncy castle for the adults too, and as well as having the best fun ever, you will also get to cherish some great wedding photos of you and your friends and family having a brilliant time!


If you are looking for some great and unique entertainment for your work party, then we strongly advise to hire an inflatables & soft play hire company to provide you with a whole lot of bouncy fun! You might be hosting a work Summer party? A bouncy castle will go down a treat and will be excellent for colleague’s who want to kick off their shoes and do some work bonding! A bouncy castle will help your workforce let go of their inhibitions and get to know each other a bit better! It’s worth noting that it won’t just be bouncy castles available for hire from an inflatables & soft play company! A modern inflatables & soft play company will also provide contemporary inflatable products such as adult assault courses! An Inflatable assault course will be an excellent choice for a work bonding experience! You can split your workers into groups and they can battle it out against each other through an array of inflatable obstacles with hilarious consequences! A brilliant choice and a great talking point for when they return to work! You may be the organiser of a fate or fair? If this is the case, then we highly recommend hiring an inflatable such as a bouncy castle or an inflatable slide, as the kids will love a chance to jump around!

If you’re organising the entertainment at a festival or a fate, then you may want to hire an inflatable canopy to protect you and your customers from any un-welcomed bad weather bouts! Something like this can be a real life-saver to cover a food area or a bar area and even if the weather is hot, it’ll look really nice and will also work as a great hub for the customers to meet at!


No children’s party is complete without a bouncy castle! Fact! A hired bouncy castle will be the crowning jewel of any children’s party and will be something that the kids will get genuinely excited for! A bouncy castle is always a great option as you can use it in varied amount of children’s party games. A modern inflatables & soft play company will provide the latest in bouncy castle designs and sizes, so you can choose something that will be ideal for the birthday child’s tastes! Whether they like Marvel superheroes or Disney characters, whether they’re a fan of zoo animals or pirates, the inflatable company should have something for everyone!

You may want to hire a bouncy castle as a form of entertainment for an adult party?! Let’s face it, you’re never too old to jump around on a bouncy castle! The modern Inflatable company will also be able to provide similar Inflatable designs such as an Inflatable pole joust’. If you don’t know what an inflatable pole joust is, it’s an inflatable game of balance where two opponents sit on an inflatable pole and attempt to bash each other with inflatable jousting weapons! Perfect for light hearted competition entertainment at your party!

If you like a bit of healthy competition, then you may want to hire an inflatable goal and football! This will really be an excellent bit of fun for party attendees of all ages and will be especially essential for any football fans having a party!

You may be hosting a certain themed party? You can message the different Inflatable hire companies on our directory to find out if they provide any inflatables & soft play that will suit your party theme! So whether it’s a James Bond theme, a Hollywood theme, a pirate theme, or a wild west theme, the Inflatable company may be able to supply something special that will really fit in to your particular theme!

HOW MUCH DO inflatables & soft play COST TO HIRE?

Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to firstly search for the best inflatables & soft play hire companies who are local (or travel to your area) and then via the contact form you may message them directly to enquire for a no obligation quote to put on a display at your event. Some inflatables & soft play hire companies will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.

WHAT ARE THE USUAL TIME LENGTHS that inflatables & soft play are hired for?

The amount of time they are hired for can vary depending on what you want at your event. Sometimes it could be 3 hours plus, other times it could be longer. We advise to use our personal messaging service to enquire with the inflatables & soft play hire company themselves.


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