What is EntertainersWorldwide.com?

Entertainers Worldwide is the World's Largest Entertainment Directory used by the general public and professional Bookers & Agents Worldwide to find & hire event entertainment & event services directly.  As we are an Entertainment Directory and not an Agency, there are no booking fees to pay allowing direct dealings & contact with all Acts, Entertainers & Event Services found in our entertainment directory.


Entertainers & Event Services

Artists in the entertainment industry and Event Services can create a professional profile of themselves for bookers and agents to view and book their services direct. Their profiles are then added to our worldwide entertainment directory to be found and contacted directly.  Profiles are self-editable and no commission is added or taken from bookings.

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Bookers, Agents & Casting Directors

Another free service that we offer is allowing Bookers and Agents to add auditions, gigs & Casting Calls. By simply clicking the ‘Add an Audition/Gig' button, a simple form is provided which will automatically list the audition or gig on your chosen start date. After this initial listing has been placed, a free account is created to allow Bookers and Agents to log on and edit previous listings or add new ones. As soon as an entertainer has applied to your listing, a message and profile of the entertainer is sent to your Bookers & Agents account Inbox.  You may then view the entertainer's profile and make a decision whether to cast/book them. All dealings are done direct with the Booker/Agent and the entertainer as shown in our terms and conditions.

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Entertainers Worldwide has an ‘Auditions & Gigs' section used by entertainers from around the world to search and apply for auditions & gigs of their choice. The right-hand-side of each page provides an area for adverts to be placed. Advertisers are recommended to place their advert(s) only on pages relevant to their product/services, but are free to advertise them throughout.

Important note: Only products or services relevant to entertainers may be advertised e.g. Singing lessons, Magic Props, Audio/Visual Equipment etc. 

Firstly, when creating an advert you can freely choose exactly which section(s) you want it to appear in. The positional order of all adverts are randomly generated each time a user visits the page. This maintains an equal and fair exposure for all adverts.

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