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Add/Edit an Audition/Gig

Audition/Gig Description
Only applicants with an Entertainers Worldwide profile can apply to your auditions or gigs and a link to which is included with each application. Profiles include show reels, audio tracks, photos, experience and many more details of the entertainer. Before writing your audition/gig description, we advise you to view our entertainer's profiles to see exactly what information you will receive with each application.


Select the location from which applicants can apply
To save you receiving many applications that are irrelevant, you must choose the locations from which applicants can apply. E.g. if your audition/gig is in Australia and you only wish for entertainers who reside in Australia to apply, you would not want to receive hundreds of applications from people who live elsewhere in the world.


Start Date / End Date of listing
Your Start Date relates to when your audition or gig will be listed on our website. Note: If you do not enter one, it will be added immediately on that day.
Your audition or gig post will be automatically removed the day after your selected End Date.


Audition/Gig Photo
You may upload one photo by clicking 'Select Image'. It will display on the right hand side of your post. The photo may be your company logo or any other photo which is relevant to your audition or gig. This is optional but recommended.

Photo File Size
Although we recommend to upload good quality images, a 4mb maximum file size is also recommended to ensure it will display promptly.


Deleting a Photo
On your photo you will see a ‘trash can' symbol. Simply click this to remove a photo.



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