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Profile Settings

Choose Your Business Type
Selecting a category from the list will correctly position your profile in the correct section on our website for clients to find.


Enter the County/City & select which Region/State that you are based in
From the list of Regions/States, select where you are based. The box to the left is an optional field where you may also manually type the County/City where you are based. Both will be displayed on your profile.
Note: This is only information shown on your profile, it does not relate to which section your profile is listed on the website. When you ‘list' your profile you will have the option to choose exactly which Region/State you would like it to be found in our search. You also have the option after listing to add your profile to as many additional Regions/States that you provide your services/products to by clicking the ‘Get More Business' button. Each time a client searches the Regions/States that you have added it to, your profile will appear.

Enter a unique URL for your profile
Creating a unique URL for your profile provides you with a personalised web address to directly view your profile. E.g. A company named ‘My Groom Attire' could create the following URL:
Whoever you give your unique URL to may simply type it into the internet task bar and your profile will appear.

EW Advice:
- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: If you already have a website we highly recommend adding a link containing your profile's unique URL (your profile address). Firstly, this will allow people to view your profile and purchase/hire your products/services. Secondly this creates an ‘inbound link' to your profile which Google and other search engines recognise as a ‘recommendation' towards your profile. This may boost the ranking of your website and profile in search engine results. To do this, simply provide your website designer with your unique URL and they will do the rest. Perhaps add a heading entitled e.g. ‘To hire our products/services click here' and attach your unique URL to it. When the link is clicked, it will take them to your profile.

- Add your unique URL to your business cards. This will allow people to directly view your profile, publicity & purchase/hire any products/services that you have added.

- Share your unique URL with your Facebook/Twitter accounts by simply typing it or ‘cutting & pasting'. Everyone viewing your Facebook/Twitter accounts may then click the link to view your profile.

- Add your unique URL to your email ‘footer' or ‘signature'. This means it is automatically displayed at the bottom of each email you send to expand your profile exposure.



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