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Create/Edit Your Advert

Advert Title & Brief Description
Your advert title and brief description should summarise your company or what services you are offering to entertainers.


Enter your website URL
Simple type or paste your website address into this field. When an entertainer views your advert in the Auditions & Gigs section, they will be taken directly to your website when clicking on it.


Choose the 'Act Type' where you would like your advert to be placed
Our Auditions & Gigs section has casting calls and other openings for many different types of entertainers. Depending on what product/services you offer, you may choose the relevant type of entertainers that you wish to supply to e.g. 'Bands & Groups'. When entertainers search for auditions/gigs in this category, i.e. 'Bands & Groups', your advert will display on the right-hand-side of the page.

Note: After listing your advert, if you would like it to also show in an additional section e.g. 'Instrumentalists', you may do so by clicking the 'List in Extra Areas' button that will appear.


Select the Country where you would like your advert to be shown
The country you choose relates to where your advert will be shown when entertainers are searching for auditions & gigs.

EW Advice: Only click the 'Worldwide' heading if you provide your product or services literally to entertainers anywhere in the world.


Uploading Photos
You may upload one photo to display on your advert e.g. your company logo or a relevant photo to your product(s) or services. Simply click the 'Select Image' button and choose a photo from your device to upload.

Photo File Size
Although we recommend to upload good quality images, a 4mb maximum file size is also recommended to ensure they display on your advert without any loading time.

Replace/Delete Photos
To replace a photo, simply click the 'Select Image' button and upload a replacement. If you decide you do not want a photo on your advert after uploading one, simply click the 'trash can' symbol on the top-left of the photo.


List Your Advert
To list your advert and have it displayed on our Auditions & Gigs page, simply click the ‘List Advert' button when you have finished creating it.


Payment Plans
All payment plans are powered through PayPal on a 'rolling' subscription, i.e. will automatically renew each time your membership renewal is due. You are of course free to cancel at any time - more details of which can be found in our 'Subscriptions Payments Explained' section.


Don't have a PayPal account?
When listing your profile and clicking the 'Checkout with PayPal' button, you may create yourself a free account on the next page.
Alternatively, you can create an account now by visiting:


How is my advert ranked against other adverts once listed?
The positional order of all adverts are randomly generated each time a person visits the page. This maintains an equal and fair exposure for all adverts.


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