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Linking your profile to your website
If you have a website, you can add a link for bookers to view it from your profile. In the ‘Additional Information' section of your account, simply type the URL of your website into the box provided e.g.

When bookers view your profile a ‘Visit Website' box will appear on the left-hand side. When clicking on it, this will take them directly to the website that you entered.

EW Advice:
- Alongside adding a link from your profile to your website, we highly recommend also adding a return link from your website to your profile. These links are both called ‘inbound links' suggesting that the sites 'recommend' each other. Google and other search engines recognise this and may place both higher in search results rankings. To add a link from your website to your profile, simply give your website designer the ‘Profile Address' found at the top of your account i.e. underneath the 'Create Additional Profile' button.
You can also create a ‘unique' URL for your profile address in the ‘Profile Settings' section of your account:


Upload your publicity poster (PDF or JPG Format):
Uploading a publicity poster to your profile creates a button named ‘Publicity Poster Download' for bookers & agents to simply click, download and print/email your publicity photo. Simply click the ‘Select Files' button in the ‘Additional Information' section of your account and choose the file you wish to upload. When the file has been 100% uploaded, it will then instantly be available on your profile for bookers to download.


How To Change/Remove A Publicity Poster
Next to the publicity poster that you have uploaded, simply click the text marked ‘X Remove'. This will remove your current file and also allows you to upload a new one if required.



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