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How To Add Video
You can add up to three YouTube and/or Vimeo video show reels to you profile. When viewing your video in YouTube or Vimeo, simply highlight the ‘URL' displayed at the top of the screen (e.g., click ‘edit', ‘copy' and then ‘paste' it into one of the three boxes shown in the ‘Audio & Video' section of your profile.

EW Advice:
- Use sharp and good quality video content.
- Begin your videos with exciting and impressive content making the booker want to watch more.
- Bookers seldom watch lengthy videos, we recommend 3 - 6 minutes max.
- Include your personalised Entertainers Worldwide profile address at the end of your video


Bookers who find your video on YouTube or Vimeo will then be able to visit your profile through this link and contact you directly.


How To Remove A Video
Click into one of the three video boxes in the ‘Audio & Video' section that you want to remove and simply delete the URL (e.g. www.Vimeo.com87654321) that you added previously.


Don't have your videos on or
Both YouTube and Vimeo are well respected websites allowing you to open a free account and upload your video(s). It is very simple to do, simply click one of the link(s) below and sign up for an account to get started:

How To Add Audio
You may add as many audio files as you wish to your profile by simply clicking the ‘Select Files' button in the ‘Audio & Video' section. Once uploaded, you may then add the title of the track in the box provided. A media player for each individual track will appear on your profile for the booker to listen to.

How To Remove Audio
The ‘Audio & Video' section will display all of the audio files that you have uploaded. Simply click the text marked ‘X Remove' next to the audio file that you wish to remove.



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