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Over the last few months many of us have become Zoom, Facebook Rooms and House Party aficionados – with people using group video call for everything from work meetings, to big family celebrations.

Video call group chats and virtual parties have been one of the most positive improvements for many of us recently, keeping us connected and smiling at a time when we’ve been having to keep our distance. It seems likely that many of our office Christmas parties, family celebrations and Birthday parties may continue to be done virtually for a while, so we’ve brought together our favourite, fun and entertaining Zoom party ideas so that you can continue to keep those celebrations really special.


There are loads of ideas here to get you inspired and ready to plan the best ever virtual party – from zoom party themes and backgrounds, to virtual party games, entertainment and activities. And once you know what you want to do to bring that extra sparkle to your online event, just fill in our request form and we’ll find you any kind of virtual entertainment you can dream of, from singers and string quartets, lookalikes and tribute bands to magicians and tarot card readers.

Let us know what you need and we’ll get the right entertainers to contact you direct with their quotes.

1) Pick a Theme

Like any other type of party, having a theme can really make a virtual party feel special. Once you’ve picked a theme you can let everyone know on your digital invitations (or paper if it fits with your retro theme!) so that they can set their backgrounds or filters (see our second idea below…) and get their costume, food & props ready! You can also make sure you have the perfect virtual entertainment & music to fit your theme.

Here are just a few ideas that we really like…

Historical or Vintage Theme

Choose an era in history, anything from the Romans to the 80s, and let your whole party revolve around that. You could go for a post war theme, for example and book a vintage singer, like our fabulous Paula Marie to put in a guest appearance and bring some serious style and sophistication to your party.

Carnival Theme

Carnival can be all big, bold and bright, Rio style or masked and mysterious, Venice fashion. Either one will inspire some amazing costumes and zoom backgrounds. If you you decide to go for a more Caribbean carnival vibe, why not hire Juma Steel band for a virtual performance.

Holiday Destinations

Lots of us have been missing those far flung holiday destinations this year, so why not bring the sunshine (or snow) back by asking your guests to choose their favourite holiday destination as their zoom background (there’s more on these below…).

They could also dress as if they are kicking back on holiday and you could make a playlist of songs that remind them of their happy place!

Chirstmas Winter Wonderland

This is perfect for a virtual Christmas party. You could pick a white and gold theme for costumes to keep it simple, and have snow-scape and cosy Christmas scenes as backgrounds – and of course, there’s always Christmas Carols, a festive playlist and to add that extra magic hire virtual Christmas performers to join your party.

There are hundreds of other themes you could go for…Circus, Hollywood, Cocktails, Rainbow, James Bond, Disco, English Garden Tea Party…the list is endless.

And if you want to make it a party to remember by hiring a James Bond or Marylin Monroe lookalike, a fire juggler or Magician, a Tarot Card Reader or String Quartet to make a special appearance, just fill our request form and we’ll find you any kind of virtual entertainer you can dream of.

Virtual Party Ideas

2) Set Your Backgrounds & Filters

The fantastic thing about virtual parties is that you can appear to be anywhere in the world…or universe for that matter. You can choose any background for your call, from your favourite bar or restaurant, to the Taj Mahal or Mars.

There a guides here on how to set up your background for your virtual party in ZoomTeams and Messenger Rooms and Webex.

Depending on your theme, you could even go for a filter that makes you look like a Mushroom, Potato, Disco Avocado or Psycho Mushroom. Find out how to change the filter for your virtual party here.

3) Zoom Party Karaoke or Virtual Talent Show

Just because we might not all be able to meet up, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a truly interactive party. Why not start your virtual party with a skills class or online lesson from a professional singer, belly dancer, musician or magician. A singing lesson is the perfect warm up for a Karaoke party, helping everyone to feel more relaxed about singing their hearts out.

You could also hire different types of entertainers for lessons in break-out virtual rooms, before coming back together for a fantastic Virtual Talent show. There’s some useful advice here on how to set up the technical aspects of a Zoom Karaoke Party and you can just fill in our form to get quotes for a virtual skills class with any type of professional entertainer you can think of.

4) Treasure or Scavenger Hunts & Murder Mystery for Virtual Parties

Treasure hunts have become a bit of a tradition for virtual parties, because they get everyone up, moving and involved. There are some great ideas here for scavenger hunts. You can tie your treasure hunt into your party theme – for a Hollywood theme party for example, why not get your guests to find something that rhymes with the name of a film star, or a prop that acts as a clue to the name of a film?

You can really go to town with a Murder Mystery theme too. Each of your guests can dress up as a character, with a background from a grand, spooky mansion.

You could even hire a host or compere to organize your online event for oyu, so everyone can play a part or perhaps magician to make your clues appear! Just fill in our request form below and we’ll get our entertainers to send you a quote and make suggestions for your party. You can find out how to organize your virtual murder mystery here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Virtual & Zoom Party ideas and inspiration. Please do use the form below to contact us anytime if we can help make your virtual event one to remember.

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