Dr. Peter Gagliardo - Speaker/Toast Master - Worcester, Massachusetts

Dr. Peter Gagliardo

Speaker/Toast Master

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Country: United States
Based In: Worcester, Massachusetts
Performs: Regionwide
From: $5000
With over a decade in the industry, we specialize in building robust employee cultures by enhancing mental well-being and productivity. Experience transformative results with our expert-led services.


Dr. Peter Gagliardo understands that the backbone of any successful company is its people. Our corporate speaking events are designed to empower your employees by providing them with the tools and insights they need to excel, both personally and professionally.
Services Offered:
Keynote Speeches: Engage and inspire your team with our dynamic keynote speeches. Tailored to your organization's needs, our presentations delve into the latest neuroscience research to improve mental health, productivity, and workplace culture.
Interactive Workshops: Our workshops are interactive and designed ...


Hello, I'm Dr. Peter Gagliardo, and it's a pleasure to introduce myself. With a dedication that extends beyond 15 years, my journey in the holistic health realm has been profound and transformative. My approach intertwines various modalities such as holistic life counseling and education, driven by a deep-seated calling that transcends a mere career.
Education and Approach
My academic journey led me to the esteemed University of Sedona, where I obtained a PhD in holistic health. This foundation has allowed me to stay at the cutting edge of holistic practices, blending modern research wit ...

Reviews     (16 Reviews)

Dr. Peter Gagliardo - Speaker/Toast Master - Worcester, Massachusetts Event Location: Leominster, MA Event Type: Holistic Healing Seminar 21st February 2024
Attending Dr. Gagliardo's seminar in Leominster was an eye-opening experience. His holistic healing methods are revolutionary. I've applied his teachings to my life with great results. Highly recommended for anyone seeking authentic holistic guidance.
Reviewed by: Vanessa K.
Dr. Peter Gagliardo - Speaker/Toast Master - Worcester, Massachusetts Event Location: Dudley, MA Event Type: Health and Wellness Symposium 5th December 2023
Dr. Gagliardo was a keynote speaker at our Dudley Health and Wellness Symposium, and he stole the show. His expertise in holistic health and his dynamic speaking style were both informative and inspiring. He's a must-see for anyone interested in health and wellness.
Reviewed by: Rachel N.
Dr. Peter Gagliardo - Speaker/Toast Master - Worcester, Massachusetts Event Location: Clinton, MA Event Type: Holistic Lifestyle Conference 11th November 2023
Dr. Gagliardo's presentation at the Clinton Holistic Lifestyle Conference was outstanding. His insights into holistic living are profound and practical. He's truly at the forefront of holistic health.
Reviewed by: Marcus W.


Over my 15-year career in holistic health, I have dedicated myself to exploring and integrating a wide range of therapeutic modalities and educational strategies. Here’s a closer look at the journey and expertise that shape my practice:
Clinical Experience:
* Holistic Life Counseling: I have spent over a decade counseling individuals, helping them find balance and wellness through a holistic lens. This involves addressing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
* Hypnotherapy: As the 2023 Holistic Hypnotist of the Year, I have extensive experience in hypnotherapy, uti ...

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