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Looking for something completely different? Hiring a Hypnotist is guaranteed to give your event the edge, with a fast-paced, highly interactive form of entertainment that’s really exciting to watch.

The age-old art of Hypnotism brings a unique mix of light entertainment, a demonstration of the power of subliminal messages and the human psyche, and a large dose of comedy. Your guests will be genuinely spellbound at the same time as winding up in fits of giggles. An evening spent with a Hypnotist is often said to be a very relaxing and amusing time that leaves your audience feeling mellow and cheerful.

Here we give you the basics on booking a Hypnotist, but for more in-depth information, including set up requirements, booking and insurance, read Your Complete Guide to Booking a Speciality Act.


‘You are feeling very sleepy’ and ‘Look into my eyes’ are both phrases commonly used by Hypnotists the world over. Hiring a Hypnotist to perform at your event is ever-popular because they offer a unique experience where everybody has the chance to get involved in the entertainment.

Famous hypnotists include Paul McKenna, who is known the world over for his powers of hypnosis and his often hilarious stage shows and television performances, and Derren Brown, who uses powerful, persuasive techniques to make his audience members perform a dazzling array of stunts.

A professional hypnotist may have amazing mind control abilities but they only use their powers of persuasion for good. So, for a tasteful yet fascinating and utterly memorable event, check out our Hypnotists and find a performer near you.


Booking a Hypnotist is a popular choice for stag dos and military functions, as well as anniversaries, engagement parties and birthdays, where the guest of honour is the star of the show. They are also particularly well suited to team building days.

Whatever the event, a hypnotist can tailor their show to incorporate a theme, or include comedy and tricks that suit the occasion. The only caveat is that you will need some willing volunteers among your guests.


Hiring a Hypnotist is a great way to ensure your guests mix and mingle with each other at a party. Your family and friends will love such an unusual choice of entertainment. This is a particularly good choice if you have guests coming who like to roll their sleeves up and get involved in the action.

A Hypnotist can do anything from making your guests forget their own names, to fooling an audience member into thinking they’re five years old. You can even ask your Hypnotist to play a specific trick on the guest of honour.

So, for hilarious, awe-inspiring and truly interactive entertainment at a birthday party, retirement party, hen or stag do, Christmas party or other special occasion, hire one of our amazing Hypnotists.


A Hypnotist can totally electrify the audience at your evening wedding reception, using well-rehearsed and professional persuasive suggestions to hypnotise family and friends into performing brilliant, laugh-out-loud actions live on stage. With the simple use of a trigger-word, the Hypnotist can make your uncle believe he’s a clucking chicken, or make your best man think he’s the world’s best disco dancer. The Hypnotist will ensure that the audience are the stars of the show, and remember, all the professional shows are totally ethical and safe, so just relax…and ‘look into my eyes’!

Corporate Events

Audience interaction is the name of the game with a professional Hypnotist, so what could be a better ice-breaker at a corporate function, gala dinner, or staff Christmas party. Your guests will be falling about, helpless with laughter as hypnotised friends or colleagues find out they’ve won the lottery, get chased by ghosts, or star in the cast of Riverdance!

This is entertainment that makes a real talking point. Just imagine the conversations at work the next day, as everyone remembers how Mike from Accounts thought he was Liza Minelli, or that the Area Manager did a brilliant job as Cristiano Ronaldo on the football pitch.

Because of the all-round entertainment offered by these performers, when you hire a Hypnotist you are not just getting powerful mind-trickery, you also get the same level of hilarity that you would be getting if you hired a stand-up comedian.


You can expect to pay between £500 and £2000+ in the UK for a Hypnotist ($500 - $2000+ in the U.S. and 570 € - 2280+ € in Europe). Prices on bank holidays and around December and New Year may be higher.

Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to search for the best Hypnotists in your area, and then contact them direct via the contact form on their page. You can ask for a free, no-obligation quote and some acts will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.


A Hypnotist can tailor their performance times to suit you and your event, and will offer different packages at varying times and prices. However, on average, a professional Hypnotist will perform for 60 - 90 minutes. When you contact your chosen act, let them know what you have in mind and they will do their best to accommodate your requests.


Hypnotists require a fair sized stage in order to perform comfortably. Participants will need chairs to sit on, either in a row facing the audience or in a circle and they will also be standing up and moving around during the hypnosis routines. For a standard show with 8-10 participants, an area of 6m x 3m should be sufficient. As always, ask your performer how much space they will need for your show.


Hypnotists usually provide all of their own equipment. You may want to enquire if they need a PA to amplify their sound.

Performers will need a private room backstage, ideally with good lighting and a mirror, in which to get changed, warm up and relax in between sets. If your venue does not have a dressing room, they may be able to allocate a suitable space. Bathroom facilities should also be provided.


The quickest way to find reputable Hypnotist in your area, to suit your occasion and budget, is to use our simple search function. Just add your location and click search. On their profile pages, you will find details of their experience, testimonials, links and contact information.

Once you’ve found your ideal act, just contact them direct. Even better, if you would rather they came to you, you can request multiple quotes, and this service is completely free! We know the ideal Hypnotist is on here and we hope you enjoy your search, but do contact us if you need any help.

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