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What exactly will Acrobalance/ADAGIO acts do at your event?

Acrobalance and Adagio performers will stun the audience at your event with a mixture amazing gymnastics, acrobatics and hand balancing! You may have seen many Acrobalance Acts and Adagio Acts on the ‘Got Talent’ television series.

The act of Acrobalance is truly an art-form, with death defying positions, lifts and somersaults which really have to be seen to be believed!

Hire an Acrobalance or Adagio Act for your occasion and you can expect to see stunts such as Acro- Dancers being hoisted into the air whilst being balanced on just one hand by the other Acro-Dancer! You can also expect to see an Acro-Dancer being flung around in a circle in a flurry of speedy twists!

This really is a captivating circus-themed act and the hired Acrobalance Acts can perform to different pieces of music and wearing different costumes, making for a thrilling show!

Mainly, Acrobalance and Adagio Acts will delight you and your guests with a fantastic show which will put the wow factor into celebrations and impress everyone!

What event types are ACROBALANCE/ADAGIO acts hired for?

Book ACROBALANCE/ADAGIO acts for Wedding Entertainment:

Hire an Acrobalance Act for your wedding evening reception and you’ll have a circus-themed act who will perform stunning acrobatic stunts for you and your wedding guests! If you want an alternative styled wedding, then this is the act for you! The hired Acrobalance Act can perform dazzling Acrobalance feats such as a ‘Flyer’, which is where the performer lifts their partner and tosses them into the air! You can also expect double blanches and partner handstands! This is a fantastic modern dance performance that everyone can get in to! The hired Acroblance Act will perform along any music you may want played, making it a very special sight to behold!

Book ACROBALANCE/ADAGIO acts for Corporate Event Entertainment

There are many corporate events that would be perfect to hire Acroblance and Adagio Acts for  including a work party! The hired Acrobalance Act would be great for a work party where they will perform in either a duo, trio or more. Acrobalance Acts can perform stunts like the human period, in which they’ll create a triangular wall which is always a sensational display to see! The choreographed gymnastics act can perform at a work Summer party, a work Christmas party or a colleague’s leaving party where they will entertain the crowds with great moves such as the ‘Front Angel Standing’. This is the move which you may know from the ‘Dirty Dancing’ film where Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey up above his head! Surely a climatic moment for any work party you may have! Acrobalance Acts performing live at your work party will be a fantastic ice-breaker for colleagues who may not always get a chance to chat at work!

If you’re scouting dance talent for a music video, or for a section in a film/programme, then an Acrobalance Act would stand out and make your footage look incredibly professional! The Acroblanace Act will have practised routines that they will be able to tailor to suit your script/music.

If you are looking for different acts for a trade show, a product launch or a publicity stunt, then how about hiring an Acrobalance Act or an Adagio Act to rally up support?! The Acrobalance Act will be able to perform to music of your choice to suit your product and will be an enthralling show to watch for any age group! Acrobalance Acts usually have only 2 dancers in their show, but, this this can go all the way up to 10 performers or more! Acrobalance Acts will mix gymnastics, ballet, strength and grace to choreograph their shows. They can be set up to perform in a shopping centre or (if you have enough space!) even a shop!

Hire an Adagio Act for holiday resort entertainment or cruise ship entertainment and your holidaymakers will be hooked! The hired Adagio Act will perform moves such as the famous ‘Reverse Handstand’ move! The dancers can perform themed shows for your night and can adapt their shows for any special weekenders you may have coming up! This type of performance is great as they can perform on a big stage to music, creating a fantastic spectacle, or, they can additionally perform as a walk-around act, mixing and mingling with your holidaymakers whilst showing dazzling displays of strength and balance.

Book ACROBALANCE/ADAGIO acts for Party entertainment

You may want to book an Acrobalance or Adagio Act for your party?! With stints on shows such as the ‘Got Talent’ series, Acrobalance Acts have really grown in popularity over the past few years! The Acrobalance Act is as artful as it is dangerous so it appeals to a vast amount of people! Such a performance would be an excellent choice for birthday parties, anniversary parties, costume parties, balls, fundraising parties, Christmas parties and more! 

If you’re organising a circus themed party, then an Acrobalance Act is almost essential to add to your entertainment! The hired Acrobalance Performers can be dressed in circus themed costumes and can be a fantastic climax to your circus themed party where they will perform Acrobalance stunts such as the ‘Rock and Roll’ move, which starts with one performer carrying the other in a baby-carry, before throwing them around the midrift of their body and round to the front again! The great thing about Acrobalance is that it is so adaptable. Whether you’re hosting a 1940’s themed party, a 1950’s themed party, a 1960’s themed party and so forth, an Adagio Act or Acrobalance show can be adaptable for your occasion!

How much do ACROBALANCE/ADAGIO acts cost to hire?

Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to firstly search for the best Acrobalance Acts who are local (or travel to your area) and then via the contact form you may message them directly to enquire for a no obligation quote to put on a display at your event. Some Acrobalance Acts will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.

What are the usual set formats and performance lengthS for ACROBALANCE/ADAGIO acts?

Acrobalance and Adagio Acts can be very versatile when it comes to timescales at your event/function, wedding or party. The average time of an Acrobalance Act show will be about 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Each Acrobalance Act's performance times will change however. The easiest way to enquire about this is by using our simple-to-use messaging service here on the Entertainersworldwide.com website.

How much space will ACROBALANCE/ADAGIO acts need at your event?

On average, an Acrobalance Act will need a space of 12-15 foot for the show to be performed safely and to its best standard. Think of it this way, the more space you have, the more, elaborate and risqué they Acrobalance moves can be! We would additionally request that the audience keeps a space of at least 6-8 foot distance from the performers so they can perform their moves properly.

What equipment and set up requirements do acrobalance/adagio acts need?

Acrobalance Acts are pretty self sufficient performers, reliant on each other only, so they won’t need a massive amount of set up requirements to perform. We would ask that the act have a clean, clear space in which they can perform clutter free from chairs and tables etc. 

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