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Are you in the middle of planning a birthday party, corporate event or a party for another occasion?  Perhaps you have been looking for the right entertainment but something still isn’t clicking.  Why not try something completely different and book a speciality act?  Here on our entertainment directory we have a number of speciality and variety acts which will really make your event have that WOW factor and your guests certainly won’t be expecting some of these entertainment types!

So what kind of speciality and variety acts are listed with us?  We have plenty to choose from so let’s look at some of our popular subcategories within our speciality and variety acts.

Click here to view Acrobalance and Adagio Act, Acro Duo's Profile

Acro Duo, Acrobalance and Adagio Act from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Add some stunts with Acrobalance and Adagio acts

Acrobalance and Adagio is quite an unusual choice for entertainment, yet suits many different kinds of events.  From corporate entertainment and product launch parties to birthday parties, acrobalance and adagio has become increasingly popular since appearing on television shows such as Britain’s Got Talent.  Acrobalance and Adagio is a form of hand-balancing, gymnastics and acrobatics and usually consists of more than one performer with partner lifts and daring stunts.  This type of entertainment not only offers the wow factor, but also adds an element of sophistication and elegance.  Click here to find acrobalance and adagio acts near you!

Click here to view Circus and Fire Performer, Siena Moon's Profile

Siena Moon – Circus and Fire Performer from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Choose Fire Performers if you want a Striking performance!

Are you planning an event that is taking place during the evening or when it gets dark?  Why not look at booking fire performers to perform stunts, such as juggling, fire breathing and fire eating with batons and circles of fire.  These highly trained individuals will keep your guests in suspense as they dance and spin, usually choreographed to music.  Fire performing dates back to the Ancient Aztecs and has continued to be a skill that has developed over the years.  Do you want to book a fire performer for your next event?  Click here to browse our entertainment directory!

Hula Hoop Performer

Beka Hoop – Hula Hoop Performer

For a bit of fun why not look for a Hula Hoop Performer?

Hula Hoop Performers are quite an unusual type of entertainment yet can add a fun, visual element to your next event.  It may seem like there isn’t much skill involved in hula hoop performing, but you’ll be amazed at what stunts and skills a performer in this genre can offer!  Again, hula hoop performers will generally perform to music, and will juggle with and captivate your audience.  Choose a hula hoop performer for corporate events, drinks receptions and birthday parties or other occasions where you want to add some creative fun to your evening!  Click here to find a Hula Hoop Performer on our entertainment directory.

Add Costumed Stilt Walkers for a Fun Entertainment Idea

Stilt Walkers are commonly used during many different types of occasion, including corporate events, parades and street parties.  They are very talented individuals who can walk around on “stilts” and are usually dressed in fun, colourful costumes.  Stilt walkers are dressed in a way that you can’t see the stilts they are standing on, giving them the appearance of being extremely tall and towering over your guests.  Stilt walkers are a fantastic choice for corporate entertainment and product launches since they can hand out leaflets and none of your guests will miss them!  Want to book Stilt Walkers for your upcoming event?  Click here to find an act near you!

Click here to view Juggler, Luke Burrage's Profile

Luke Burrage – Juggler from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Give your event a carnival theme and book Jugglers

If you are planning an event that might benefit from a carnival theme, why not opt for Jugglers who will juggle objects, such as batons and balls or even more daring stunts such as juggling with knives or fire torches!  A juggler is a relatively unusual type of entertainment but can really add a visual display and sometimes these skillful performers will also get your guests involved too and teach them the basics of their skill.  Hiring a juggler is most suited to corporate entertainment, street parties or family fun days in the Summer months.  If you would like to find a juggler to perform at your next event, click here.

Amaze your guests with the mind of a Hypnotist!

For a controversial type of entertainment, have you considered booking a hypnotist to use their powers of persuasion and get your guests to do things they wouldn’t normally do!  This type of performance also adds comedy to your event and even skeptics will be amazed at the performance!  Hypnotists generally require a few volunteers from your audience which could be pre-selected before your party.  Choose a hypnotist for fun and unusual birthday party entertainment, corporate events or other occasions such as anniversaries, or engagement parties!

Click here to view Sword Swallower, Dan Meyer's Profile

Dan Meyer – Sword Swallower from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Add an element of danger and hire a Sword Swallower to WOW your guests

Sword swallowing is a skill involving the appearance of a performer taking swords down his or her throat and into their stomach.  This is a daring and dangerous stunt and this type of performance is practiced and mastered for many years.  Sword Swallowers are the perfect choice for summer family fun days or street parties, with this age-old tradition making a comeback as a very popular entertainment choice!  Your guests will be gasping with anticipation as they watch a Sword Swallower perform so if you want to add that WOW factor to your upcoming event, click here to find a Sword Swallower near you!

Click here to view Contortionist, Meg Russell's Profile

Meg Russell – Contortionist from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Hire Contortionists to give your guests something different!

Last but not least, our final speciality and variety act we wish to detail for today’s article is the Contortionist.  Using skills in gymnastics, yoga and dance, a contortionist will twist their body into unusual positions that appear impossible to the naked eye!  Contortionists are a great choice for added corporate entertainment, and will give your guests plenty to talk about during their evening!  Choose a contortionist to amaze your guests – we make it really easy to find a Contortionist on our entertainment directory!

We have many other speciality and variety acts listed over on our website, www.EntertainersWorldwide.com including Foot Jugglers, Trampoline Acts, Ventriloquists and much more!  If none of our ideas detailed above have inspired your entertainment for your upcoming event, take a look through our whole entertainment directory to find the perfect entertainment for you!  We hope you enjoy planning your next event and don’t forget to have a little bit of fun with our unusual entertainment ideas, no matter what occasion!

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