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A Wedding DJ is a fantastic option for your evening reception. More affordable than hiring a wedding band, it’s a great way of ensuring that all your guests are kept happy and entertained. From announcing your first dance, to enticing those first first few guests onto the dancefloor, you can rely on a professional Wedding DJs to keep the right mix of music flowing all evening, creating that perfect party atmosphere.

With digital playlists and streaming services like Spotify at your fingertips, you might be tempted to handle the music yourself, but there’s a lot more to it than just plugging in an iPhone. High quality equipment is needed to create a decent sound that’s loud enough without being muffled. You also need someone with a large and varied library of music and the professional know-how to read and interact with the audience, get people on the dancefloor, and keep them there.

While the focus of your wedding will be you and your betrothed, you want your guests to feel included in your celebrations. A great wedding DJ can play all the tracks that you’ve danced to time and again with your friends, and have you all dancing, singing and laughing. So get that glitter ball spinning and make new sparkling memories together on your special day. Let’s make this a night to remember!

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A DJ will be a focal point of your wedding, talking to your guests, introducing the newlyweds and making announcements. You want to make sure they’re comfortable doing this, and that you feel comfortable with them.

You also want to find a DJ who can play your special requests, those songs that bring back special memories and hold emotional meaning for you, as these songs are the key to making your wedding day personal to you.

At the same time, you need someone who can play a range of music that will appeal to guests of different ages and musical tastes, including classic and modern party hits, so that all of your guests can enjoy a good boogie. By all means, give your DJ a list of your favourite tracks but leave the rest up to them. With an experienced DJ booked for your wedding, you can relax knowing that you’re in safe hands.

If your wedding has a theme, such as the Swinging Sixties, 70s disco, 80s electro, House, Northern Soul, Motown or Swing Music, it would be better to find a DJ who specialises in that particular era or genre. If you want a mix of genres and standard party hits, most wedding DJs can offer this. For something a bit different, some DJs even have musicians such as a saxophonist or violinist playing along with their tracks!

Wedding DJs can supply professional lighting, so if you fancy warm and stylish mood lighting for your drinks reception, a gentle spotlight on your first dance, or full-on disco lights, laser beams and a smoke machine for your evening party, ask about these options. Some DJs also offer customised equipment and lighting, to match your colour scheme, as well as themed lighting gobos, backdrops, projectors, video screens and more!

For hilarious fun for wannabe pop stars, there is the option of Karaoke, complete with sparkly microphones and disco lighting. As well as our Wedding DJs, check out our Party DJsNightclub DJs and Karaoke DJs. Our amazing DJs have the decks, the tracks and the whole package to give your wedding sparkle.

And of course, the best way to get a good deal is to find a local wedding DJ for hire - just use our search function or request a quote to find the right one for you.

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Hiring a DJ is a great option if you have a limited Wedding budget, as they are generally cheaper than booking a wedding band. That said, the price will vary depending on their level of experience, how far they have to travel to your venue, the size of your wedding, the quality of their equipment and the size of their music collection.

You can pay anything between £300 ($300 in the U.S. and 400€ in Europe) for a local party DJ to £1000+ for a high profile DJ with the best equipment and lighting. Typically, a good, professional DJ will cost between £400 and £600 ($600 in the U.S. and 700€ in Europe). If your chosen DJ has musicians or singers included in their act, or you’re booking at high-demand times such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you can expect to pay more.

DJs are continually developing their music libraries and honing their craft. Their expenses include music, equipment, clothes, travel and marketing. We believe it’s worth paying for a reputable DJ who will deliver great entertainment at your wedding.

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The quickest way to find the best wedding DJ for you and the right local wedding DJ in your area is to use our simple search function. Just add your location and click search to see a huge variety of acts to choose from. Our latest testimonials are also a fantastic way to start getting some ideas for your shortlist. Once you’ve found your ideal act, just contact them direct!

Even better, if you would rather entertainers came to you, you can request a quotes here, and this service is completely free!

Take a look at our latest guide to booking wedding entertainment that will give more tips and ideas to make your wedding truly fabuolous.

Booking a DJ can make all the difference to your wedding, and we know we have exactly the right act on here waiting to fill your party with energy and smiles. We hope you enjoy your search but do contact us if you need any help.

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