Hiring a Close-Up Magician – Tips, Advice & How to Book

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If you are planning an event and you’ve made the decision to hire a close-up magician for your entertainment, look no further than our guide to everything you need to know when you are hiring a close-up magician…

What Events are Close-Up Magicians Suitable For?

Close-Up Magicians are very versatile for many different kinds of events. Such as:

  • Corporate Event Entertainment
  • Wedding Reception Entertainment
  • Birthday Party Entertainment
  • Product Launch Entertainment
  • Dinner Party Entertainment
  • Christmas Party Entertainment

When Do Close-Up-Magicians Perform?

Often during the quieter parts of your event, a close-up magician will work the room, entertaining guests and getting them involved. They make perfect ice-breakers and will be a talking point among your guests. A close-up magician will, for example perform during your wedding drinks reception while your wedding photographer whisks you away to take some of your wedding photography. Without putting on entertainment, your guests may soon become restless, especially if there are groups of people who don’t know each other. Another time that may be suitable is between courses at a wedding breakfast, as a close-up magician works from table to table to entertain your wedding guests. Lastly, Close-up Magicians are also requested for the wedding evening reception, performing to guests around the bar area and mingling around the room.

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For a corporate styled event, a close-up magician will mingle with small groups of guests, and can even be incorporated with your brand or product, giving a buzz surrounding your company.

What Type of Tricks Does a Close-Up Magician Perform?

Each close-up magician will have their own repertoire of illusions that they can perform. From simple card tricks, to more elaborate displays where a magician will borrow money from your guests, a close-up magician will combine sleight of hand magic with psychological tricks making your guests astonished at what they have just witnessed. Expect to see tricks with coins, ropes, keys, money, cards and other small objects. You can always ask a magician what style of tricks they will perform before you book.




How Long Will A Close-Up Magician Perform For?

Within reason, you can hire a close-up magician for the entirety of your event, however they will usually spend around 5-10 minutes per group of people, or per table. If you have a particularly small event, they will spend slightly longer with each smaller group. Your guests will be talking about their performance throughout the whole event after being amazed with magic!

How Much Will A Close-Up Magician Cost?

Each close-up magician will have their own set fees depending on their location, experience and even the time of year. Since these fees can vary wildly, we always recommend contacting your potential act and requesting a free quote. If you decide to book, you’ll be expected to pay a deposit, and the remainder on the day of your event.

Usually, you’ll pay more for a more experienced close-up magician, but this is not always the case so it’s important to check out their credentials before booking.

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How Do I Choose A Close-Up Magician?

Firstly, take a look around our website, www.EntertainersWorldwide.com to view all of the close-up magicians we have listed with us. You can read all about their experiences in their biographies, along with looking at their pictures and sometimes watching video performances of their acts. A good magician will want to show off their talent, and will also provide numerous testimonials from previous satisfied customers.

If possible, contact your magician shortlist to see if they have performed at an event similar to yours. A close-up magician with many years of experience performing at weddings will have no problem mingling with your guests and will put on a fantastic performance.

Before booking, we always recommend that you speak with your chosen act either via telephone, Skype, Facetime or face to face to make sure that you feel comfortable with them. Ask any questions you may have, no matter what they are.

I’ve Chosen A Close-Up Magician! How Do I Book?

If you are familiar with our website, you’ll notice that on every entertainers profile, there is a “Contact Direct/Request Quote” button on display. Simply click that and you’ll be taken to a contact form that puts you in direct contact with your chosen magician. With Entertainers Worldwide, you can be assured that we don’t act as an agency between you and our entertainers. There are no hidden booking fees either!



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