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London, Euston, NW1 2HD doesn’t sound particularly magical postcode – but it is – because its the bespoke home and headquarters of the world renowned Magical Circle Club.

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If you revel in the mystery of magic, puzzles and illusions, you will love visiting the home of the world famous Magic Circle – its the club that all top quality Magicians and Illusionists aspire to join! Entertainers Worldwide has many members that have been accepted into The Magic Circle so we thought it would be helpful to put a spotlight on this unique organisation and give details about how to visit and what to expect.

It’s not compulsory to be a magician to experience a visit to The Magic Circle Club because members of the public are also made very welcome – you just need to book in advance.

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Image: Londonist article about visiting the Magic Circle

Founded in 1905, The Magic Circle is the longest lived club of its type, and their Headquarters have their own museum and theatre. Due to the nature of the work of The Magic Circle, impromptu visits are not possible – for the secrets of The Magic Circle are sacrosanct – loose talk can lose a Magician their membership! The Club Motto loosely translates as “Share Not Your Secrets” so all visits need to be pre-booked! It’s easy to do, and you’ll get much more out of your visit, which are run by the Clubs superlative Guides.

Tours And Visits

There are a range of Tours to choose from – see the public events page for the latest schedules and essential booking requirements.

At Home With The Magic Circle

For a special evening of magic you can attend a show held in the bespoke Magic Circle Theatre. The programme begins at around 7.30pm last approximately 2 hours and includes a break for refreshment. It’s a full on magic show, interactive, beguiling and full of fun. It’s an increasingly popular event and new dates are added to the schedule on a regular basis.  More details..

The History and Mystery Tour

On selected Monday mornings ‘History and Mystery at The Magic Circle’ is an introduction to the work, a tour of the HQ, some close-up magic and a short show in The Magic Circle.

School Holidays – Monday Morning Magic

Or you might enjoy the Monday Morning Magic session which is suitable for family groups – perfect entertainment and inspiration for those long school holidays!

You’ll have the opportunity to witness some close-up magic, have a guided tour of the Museum and you can also try your hand at solving some puzzles and illusions. It’s a great way to kick-start an interest in the world of Magic.

Museum & Magic Circle Collection

Among the items on display are a number of props from guns used in bullet illusions, to handcuffs and pieces of Houdini’s famous act, to the cup-and-ball trick that Prince Charles used when he applied to join The Circle (he was accepted in 1975).

cups and balls magic circle museum

As well as hundreds of posters – many of them of very high value the collection also feature props used by TV magicians such as David Nixon and Tommy Cooper.

Tommy Cooper's Fez

There is even the miniature “Saw The Lady in Half” trick used by Sooty the adorable magic glove puppet creation of Harry Corbett. Izzy Wizzy let’s get busy!

mini saw lady in half trick

Magic Circle Museum Tour

This is for groups or individuals, and also includes some old style parlour magic and sleight of hand trickery. It’s entertaining and mystifying in equal measure. Members of the public can enjoy a enjoy a unique tour of the museum and a visit to the house of 10,000 secrets. This is a daytime event for groups of individuals.

Booking by appointment only. For further details contact the Centre for the Magic Arts between 9.00am and 5.00pm. Mon-Fri: T: 020 7387 2222

What Visitors Say

Motivated to visit the original home of the Magic Circle I booked a ticket for the ‘Magic Circle Experience’, September 2014.  This was a fabulous event, not only because of the wonderful artefacts and posters displayed throughout the building, but mainly because of the museum guides.  These are all ‘longstanding’ members of the Magic circle; incredible characters who enhance their tours with witty historical and personal stories.  The culmination of the three-hour tour was a thoroughly engaging magic show, presented by an immaculately dressed senior member in the tiny theatre on the top floor of the museum.  There is such a wealth of uncommon knowledge here, most of it in the shape of these fascinating and unique characters.

Irene Brown

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Want to Join the Magic Circle?

If you wanted to be a part the world’s premier magical society this section will give you all the information you need. If you’re ready to join straight away you can check out how the process works, what you need to do and what you can expect and if you’re interested in our Apprentice Scheme or The Young Magicians Club

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