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If you’ve seen a live magician at work on stage, then you’ll be amazed by the abilities of our three featured Close-Up Magicians. Their trickery is performed right in front of guests; there is no room for error or clumsy moves!

close up magic trick with cards

A skilled Close-Up Magician is someone who can confidently engage and mingle with guests in any party environment. They provide entertainment by their fabulous sleight of hand routines which defy logic.  Whether it’s at the beginning, the half time diversion or end of evening entertainment that’s required, a Close-Up Magician will fit the bill perfectly. They have excellent people skills, are communicative and will offer a routine that completely compliments your particular event. Here are three of our Close-Up specialists selected for the wide choice of magicians for hire on Entertainers Worldwide – all of whom are experienced and very talented.

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Jonathan Paul

“Everyone loves a good party and through my close-up magic routine, I aim to provide some memorable fun which your guests will talk and laugh about for months to come”

Jonathan attends events in formal, elegant attire and will easily blend in with your guests as he moves through a room, engaging with people who want to participate in a trick. His magical sleight of hand works for small and large groups – and he enjoys the challenge of performing close-up! Jonathan has, for many years, attended Corporate Events, parties, weddings and conferences. He is confident that he can deliver a fun, sophisticated routine that will bring the house down.

Owen Strickland

“I love to bring a sense of surprise and suspense to a party” says Owen Strickland a Magician with a very strong skill set when it comes of chicanery!  His act as a Close-Up Magician has him using bank notes, cash, playing cards and other borrowed objects from guests….they are of course, all returned to their rightful owner when the trick is completed! He can make any party mesmerising and memorable, building the atmosphere around a clever trick.

He has worked in the business for many years and is a member of The Magic Circle. He is happy to entertain a whole room, or stroll around, engaging guests in a bit of gentle banter.  For anyone organising a Spring Wedding, you might want to consider some entertainment during the drinks reception. Owen is one of our most popular magicians available to book for a wedding that has attended hundreds of ceremonies and receptions/parties and never fails to be a big hit with his ability and ideas to entertain wedding guests.

Owen is one of the most entertaining party magicians in the West Midlands and has worked with many prestigious clients. He will be happy to discuss your party requirements wherever it is based.

If you would like to see some of examples of his close up work, Owen’s website can be viewed at .You might also like to look at some of his reviews on Owen’s profile page on Entertainers Worldwide – there’s over a 100 and they are all 5 star!

Red Hat Magic

You never need to worry that the small talk might run out at your soiree – Red Hat Magic will save the day. Red Hat Magic is fronted by Danny and he prides his company for its renowned customer care.  Polite, welcoming and friendly – Danny will ensure your guests immediately feel at ease and confident that the end result of any trick will be positive, fun packed.

Close-Up Magic can be performed in English, French and German, and no matter what the setting – the show will be superb – just take a look at his video to give you a flavour of how Red Hat Magic enhances the party mood.

Using items as diverse as chocolate, fire, ice, string, and jewellery, cards (to name a few) Danny will show case his interactive and engaging tricks which are suitable for guests of every age group. He will create personalised tricks for particular types of celebration which is perfect should you want to give a partner a special surprise – their joy and amazement will be contagious!

Find A Close Up Magician Near You

We have hundreds of talented and entertaining Magicians and Illusionists available to book listed on Entertainers Worldwide. If you want to check out what magicians are available near you then use our simple search function and filter by region and style. When you have a short list of performers that you think will be best suited for your party or event you can contact them directly.

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