Teenager Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas!

Entertainment Ideas For Teenagers Birthday Parties

Teenagers can be quite difficult to please when it comes to party entertainment, since they have reached that stage in their lives where they don’t want to be embarrassed and also want to be treated more like an adult. Gone are the days where you can hire a bouncy castle! When planning a birthday party for a teenager, you need to be a little more creative and that’s where we come in. Here are our suggestions for top entertainment ideas for teenagers…

Clean Stand-Up Comedians

If your teenager is interested in comedy, why not hire a clean stand-up comedian to perform a comedy sketch. Many older children and teenagers will appreciate humour and probably won’t be expecting this form of entertainment. Clean stand-up comedians are a perfect choice as they will entertain guests without any bad language or taboo topics. There are a wide variety of acts to choose from on our website based all around the world.

Dance Acts

With dance acts such as Diversity coming onto the scene during Britain’s Got Talent, dance acts have become hugely popular, especially for younger teenagers. Hiring a dance act will provide a fashionable, trendy form of entertainment where a group of dancers will perform to a variety of modern music. After the performance, the guests will be sure to want to try their hand at dancing, so why not put on a disco afterwards? If you would like a cheaper alternative to hiring a whole troupe of dancers, there is always the option of hiring an individual street or break dancer.

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Twist and Pulse – Dance Act from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Ballet Dancers

If your teenager is interested in ballet, or is perhaps learning the art of ballet themselves, hire a ballet dancer to put on a beautiful, sophisticated show. A ballet dancer will perform an exquisite routine to music and will inspire any young ballet dancer.

Close-Up Magicians

Pretty much everyone loves magic, so even if your teenager doesn’t aspire to be the next David Copperfield, a close-up magician will provide plenty of entertainment for any age. Working around the room, performing to guests, a close-up magician will astound everyone with their sleight of hand and illusions using cards, coins, rope and other small objects. This form of entertainment is more interactive since your chosen magician will generally get the guests involved in tricks and hiring a close-up magician is a lot more grown up than hiring a children’s magician!

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Martin John – Close-Up Magician from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Fire Performers

For something completely different, why not hire a fire performer. This type of entertainment will entertain in a higher-paced dramatic style as stunts are performed such as fire eating and juggling. Hiring a fire performer will certainly be something unique for your guests to talk about afterwards. Just make sure that you tell younger teenagers not to try it at home and give the necessary warnings!

Event DJ’s

DJ’s are a popular choice for all ages, and hiring an event DJ will make sure that the party really gets started. DJ’s are trained to play a variety of music, make announcements and take requests and have a way of getting people up onto the dance floor. If your teenager is into a specific type of music, you can always request that this be played non-stop, such as dance or house music.

Hiring a DJ for your Teenage Birthday Party

DJs generally will supply their own equipment – this will include decks, laptops, DJ Controller, Mixer, Amplifiers, Smoke Effects and lighting however we urge you to check their requirements – especially power supply and speakers.

We have many other acts listed with us on www.EntertainersWorldwide.com that may be suitable for a teenagers’ birthday party depending on their interests. When you are deciding on the different entertainment options, just remember that teenagers want to be adults, and steer clear of any children’s’ performers. Other fun ideas to entertain teenagers include:

Once you’ve chosen the type of entertainment you wish to enquire about, booking is made easy when you use our website! Simply view the various acts on offer, read their biographies, testimonials and watch their video performances if available. To enquire or make a booking, simply click the “Contact Direct / Request Quote” button where you’ll get in direct contact with the entertainer of your choice. You won’t even have to pay a booking fee with us!

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