8 of the Best Teenage Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

Teenage Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

Teenagers can be quite difficult to please when it comes to party entertainment, since they have reached that stage in their lives where they don’t want to be embarrassed and also want to be treated more like an adult. Gone are the days where you can hire a bouncy castle! When planning a birthday party for a teenager, you need to be a little more creative and that’s where we come in.

Here are our suggestions for top party entertainment ideas for teenagers…

1. Hypnotists

Hypnotists are the perfect combination of funny and awe-inspiring, and are never ‘boring’ (and we know that that’s the worst thing possible at a teenage party…). They do generally ask for volunteers to help with their act, but you can request that they keep the hypnotic stunts more funny than embarrassing…and you’ll find that your teen audience will be so fascinated by the hypnotic process that they will want to give it a try.

Hire a hypnotist near you for truly memorable teen party entertainment!

Dance Acts for Hire

2. Dance Acts

With dance acts such as Diversity appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, dance acts have become hugely popular, especially for younger teenagers. When you hire Dancers or a Dance Act they will provide a wow-factor show that might even inspire your teens to give it a go themselves. Some dance acts offer skills classes, so if this would work for your guests then make sure you ask about it when you contact our dance acts.

3. Live Bands & Tribute Bands

Live music always creates a great atmosphere and most of our live bands & party bands play a wide selection of recent hits. If your teen has a thing 80s music, or a big name singer like Adele, Another great option is to hire a tribute band or tribute act. Any live band or singer will be able to bring those tunes that everyone knows and wants to sing along too…even your normally silent teen!

4. Close-Up Magicians

Pretty much everyone loves magic, so even if your teenager doesn’t aspire to be the next Dynamo or David Blain, a close-up magician will provide plenty of interactive entertainment for any age. Working around the room at your teen party, performing to guests, a close-up magician will astound everyone with their sleight of hand and illusions using cards, coins, rope and other small objects.

Hire a Fire Performer

5. Fire Performers

For something spectacular and completely different, why not hire a fire performer. High-paced dramatic stunts are performed such as fire eating and juggling and the element of danger is always a bonus with this age group! Just make sure that you tell younger teenagers not to try it at home and give the necessary warnings!

Search for Fire Performers and other Circus Entertainers for hire here.

6. Event DJs

DJs are a popular choice for all ages, and hiring an event DJ will make sure that your teen party really gets started. DJs play a variety of music, make announcements and take requests and have a way of getting people up onto the dance floor. If your teenager is into a specific type of music, you can always request that this be played non-stop!

DJs generally will supply their own equipment – this will include decks, laptops, DJ Controller, Mixer, Amplifiers, Smoke Effects and lighting however we urge you to check their requirements – especially power supply and speakers.

Party DJ Hire

7. Tarot Card Readers

Tarot card readers provide something really different, and something your guests won’t be expecting. Teens tend to be quite superstitious and since they are on the verge of going out into the world, what the future holds for them is always fascinating! So why not hire a Tarot card reader to bring a bit of mystery and excitement to your teen party.

We hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration for your teen party entertainment in this blog & don’t forget, whatever entertainment you’re looking for, you can use our online request form and we’ll get our entertainers to send you a no-obligation quote.

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