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BOOK A FUNCTION/PARTY BAND | Weddings, Parties & Corporate Events

Looking to hire a Function/Party Band to create a buzzing atmosphere at your wedding, party or corporate event so you can dance the night away? 

Here at you can find, contact & deal directly with a Function or Party Band in minutes with our simple to use worldwide entertainment directory!

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Read on for the most comprehensive guide to booking a Function/Party Bands, including how much a Function Band costs, exactly what they will do at your event, plus tips, advice and information to help make your event one to remember!

Looking to hire a Function Band  your Wedding, Party, Corporate or any other event? Here at you can find, contact & deal directly with a Function Band in minutes with our simple to use worldwide entertainment directory!

What exactly will a Function and Party Band do at your event?

When you pay for a full professional band for your event then you will function bands for weddingscertainly get value for your money. Most bands will come with a singer, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and a keyboardist. Some will be even bigger and will include backing singers, saxophonists, violinists and more! These full bands are brilliant and pivotal at getting your family. friends, clients, employees, co-workers and customers to relax and let their hair down. Bands are so important at getting the audience to gel and for creating a party vibe which will leave a smile on the faces of everyone who’s invited.

These bands rehearse for hours on end to get the party started just for you! The music they play is extremely wide-ranging, playing rock, indie, pop, funk, soul, jazz, dance, punk, metal, ska, blues, swing and basically any genre you can think of!

Whatever your music tastes, you can use our uncomplicated search engine to find your ideal party band. Cover bands will usually send you a list of their repertoire on request. You can ask for this by using the personal messaging service on our site. Set-lists can be tailored to suit your event. Function bands will usually have rehearsed the biggest hits ranging from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 2010’s.

What event types are Funtion and Party Bands hired for?

Book a Function/Party Band for Wedding Entertainment:

function bands for corporate events.Perhaps you may want a band to play something romantic or traditional at the actual ceremony? Just before the nuptials, the guests of the bride and groom can walk into the venue with the sound of a full live Function band reciting a song that everyone will know and love! Why not make it an extra special walk down the aisle for the bride as the Function band play a song that’s meaningful to the happy couple? Additionally, the Function band will gladly play as soon as the bride and groom have completed the nuptials and are pronounced husband and wife! The band can keep playing until your last guests has left the wedding venue. What a perfect way to start a marriage!

So, all the papers have been signed, bride and groom are posing with the wedding photographer, and the guests are guzzling their first glass of champagne, what better way to really elevate this moment than to hire a Function band to sing a few classic hits as the celebrations are starting for the newlyweds!

You can book a Function Band to play a couple of well known wedding hits at the wedding breakfast! As family and friends sit down to eat, the Function Band can play a traditional wedding song, a soul classic, a rock n roll hit or a pop no.1 just before the wedding speeches are made. This will create a wonderful, relaxed feeling and set you up for a brilliant evening of celebrations to come.

Perhaps you are getting married and are looking for the perfect form of entertainment for the wedding evening reception drinks? Well, a live band is the ultimate spark that’s needed to thrill your crowd! Imagine the party band playing the song of the bride and groom’s first dance, live at the wedding’s evening reception?! A live Function band can bring that extra special romantic energy that’s needed for a wedding, and can also turn a wedding into a dazzling, stomping party! 

Book a Function Band/Party Band for Corporate Event Entertainment

Another great event that a Function band is perfect for is a corporate event. Clients, colleagues and management alike will really appreciate a full, live band playing the biggest hits spanning the past 6 decades. It can be a great ice-breaker for departments that don’t usually mix on a day to day basis to get down to a funky bass line, or to sing arm in arm, all teary eyed to a full on love ballad! By hiring a Function group to play covers at your work-do, be it an annual Function, or christmas party or the end of the financial year celebration, there’s no need to concern yourself anymore with party entertainment for your organisation’s bash. Partying is a Function bands business! 

Book a Function/Party Band for Party Entertainment

What about hiring a band for your private party? Surprise you friend/family member by hiring a full live group to own the stage and entertain the guests. This is the perfect gift for any age, as most Function and party bands will play a whole range of covers, spanning from the pop hits of Justin Bieber and One Direction, to James Brown and The Beatles. A great treat for wedding anniversaries, a surprise birthday, or to say thank you to somebody!

How much do Function and Bands Bands cost to hire?

Our simple to use entertainment directory allows you to firstly search for the best Function bands who are local (or travel to your area) and then via the contact form you may contact them directly to enquire for a no obligation quote to perform at your event. Some acts will also add a rough price guide to their profile for your convenience.

What are the usual set formats and performance length for Function and Party Bands?

The set formats for Function Bands can vary from short sets (averaging from 15-25 minutes) to mid sets (averaging 45 minutes first half - 45 minutes 2nd half) and longer sets (averaging 1 hour for the first half - and 1 hour for the 2nd half)

How much space will a Function Bands/Party Bands need at your event?

The set formats for Function bands can vary from short sets (averaging from 15-25 minutes) to mid sets (averaging 45 minutes first half - 45 minutes 2nd half) and longer sets (averaging 1 hour first half - and 1 hour for the 2nd half) This time is another factor that can be discussed in private with the Function band, so they can meet whatever criteria you desire.

What equipment and set up requirements do Function/Party Bands need?

This can depend. Most Function bands consist of a 5-piece which will include a drum-kit (this can take up a lot of room alone!) So you will need a decent sized space or stage to help them perform at their best and most comfortable. The band may be willing to play as just a duo if you have limited space, so it may be worth using our personal messaging service to enquire if they can assist you.

How can you find and book a Function/Party Band with

Simply enter your location in the search field below and you will be presented with all of the Function Bands who are local to you or who travel to perform at your location. You can then view the act’s full profile to:

Search now to find a Function / Party Band for your event

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