Entertainers to Hire For an Office Party.

Mentalist Mind Reader AustraliaIf all you’ve got planned for your office Christmas party this year is a sad little gathering around a few minced pies in the kitchen, some threadbare tinsel hanging on the tree that’s been gathering dust since last December, or yet another meal out at the same old place, then think again. Your staff have been busting a gut for you all year, it’s time to treat them to a night they’ll remember.

Here are some totally different, highly interactive and truly astonishing acts that are guaranteed to bring magic and sparkle to your office Christmas celebrations and keep the staff talking for weeks…

Caricaturist office Christmas party

Our caricaturists offer live office party entertainment.

They have drawn at hundreds of events all over the country and created artwork for corporate and private clients.

Typically a caricaturist can draw on average 10 people per hour on paper, so can get round everyone in the room. They can even brand the drawing paper with your company name and logo giving you the perfect marketing item at your next event. Guests are bound to be amused at seeing themselves and their colleagues in caricature and best of all, they get to keep the creation.

For a more high-tech experience, you can opt for digital caricatures, which are done on an iPad and then email them to you. Great for sharing on social media.

Hiring a caricaturist is one of the more affordable Christmas party entertainment ideas that guarantees giggles and something for staff members to cherish after the event.

Chris Doc Strange – Comedy HypnotistHypnotist party entertainment

Chris Doc Strange (real name Christian P Taylor) is a Comedy Hypnosis Character that has been hypnotising people around the world since 1992. Not your run of the mill Stage Hypnotist, he’s completely unpredictable, barking mad and quite hilarious.

Based in south west England, Chris is a unique comedian who is, by his own admission, professionally “Christmas” crackers. He’ll make you laugh with spontaneous, ad-lib comedy and delve into the pockets of your mind, producing comedy gold and astonishment.

What could be more hilarious than watching your “hypnotised” colleagues become talented singers, hilarious comedians, Hollywood actors, sporting legends and all round stars for a night. While hypnotized, volunteers are relaxed, happy and free from adult concerns, much like children, willing to try or do anything that makes them feel good.

Importantly, volunteers are never asked to do anything embarrassing, dangerous or against their own moral code. As a professional hypnotist with over 25 year’s professional experience, Chris guides them, rather than encouraging them to go too far. During the show, volunteers remain aware of their surroundings and can wake themselves up at any time.

At the end of the show they are awakened, feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. They have enjoyed a new experience and the audience have enjoyed seeing people, for a short while, let go of what it is to be an adult.

Here is Chris performing at a British Army Christmas Party at Frimley Hall:

Take a unique voyage of discovery deep into the mind. Laugh at your colleagues as they take turns to be willing and happy volunteers, and maybe even join in yourself. The show is great fun and everyone who takes part wants to do it again. Chris tailors his shows to be topical and personal to his audience and he is available to hire now for corporate events and Christmas parties.

For more information about booking Chris Doc Strange, view his profile.

View all of our Hypnotists worldwide.

Patsy May – Comedy Puppet ShowComedy office Christmas party entertainment

Patsy May is the New York comedy creation of talented puppeteer Laura, who is based in London. You may have seen Patsy on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014, where she got through to the semi-final.

Laura is a versatile puppeteer, influenced by Muppets creator Jim Henson, and she recently trained at Sesame Workshop in New York City. She has been doing puppeteering for ten years and has worked on numerous stage, television and film productions. She performs a wide range of characters and voices as well as singing. Previous clients include Moonmedia, Avenue Q Hire, Lucasfilm, Disney, Sesame Workshop and ITV.

Definitely not limited to children’s entertainment, she specialises in comedy and musical acts with her puppet characters, including late night adult humour.

Her most well-known puppet, Patsy May, is a real character. She’s captivating, talented and very funny. A true all rounder, she acts, does comedy, sings and can also just sit and chat with your guests. 

You would never know from Patsy’s New York accent that Laura is from a small town in Suffolk, England. Patsy is entirely Laura’s own creation and has gradually developed over the years, finally resulting in the character as featured on Britain’s Got Talent.

Patsy enjoys latte, shopping and celebrity men. Check out her show reel here:

I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening than hanging out with Patsy May. She’s sassy, funny and adorable and I’m pretty sure she’s got a few good stories to tell. For a truly uplifting and sophisticated evening, in great company, Patsy is available to hire for work Christmas parties and many other types of events.

For more information about booking Patsy May, view her profile.

So, there are just a few ideas for a cracking Christmas celebration. Now you’ve got no excuse not to have a whole load of fantastic festive fun that will have the office buzzing for weeks!

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